By The Rodfather. 21st January 2013.

Peeping just above the horizon, the world’s biggest calamity ever to befall this planet can clearly be seen by anyone who cares to remove their rose-tinted glasses. Naturally those who are supposed to be in charge are fully aware of what is happening but are quite happy to role along toward the inevitable carnage in the knowledge that the masses are (1) just not interested, (2) too stupid to be bothered to understand or (3) too comfortable in thinking that it will never happen to them. Those who are engineering this collapse are well protected and well prepared for what is to come – and well paid!

I do not profess to be a financier but if a simple man ‘like wot I am’ can see the writing on the wall, then there is quite simply no excuse for anybody not being aware of the approaching apocalypse. Too strong a word to use? I think not. This will be the End of the World as we know it, perhaps the same ‘End’ that everyone was expecting, last December 2012.

Way back in the 1970s, many countries had entrusted their gold reserves to the supposed security of Fort Knox in the USA. Everyfort-knox_1299699740 schoolboy on the planet can tell you about this place, the world renown citadel of the worlds financial security, with its images of gleaming piles of gold protected by numerous armed guards and armoured cars. An invincible fortress for the wealth of the world. However it was back in the 70s that the problems actually started to appear through the mist.

Many nations became suspicious that the USA, which was heavily embroiled in the Vietnam War, was spending their gold to finance that war, and at least one of those countries, France, decided that it would ask for its gold back. The response of the US government was totally unexpected; they simply refused to return it, with President Richard (Tricky Dickie) Nixon stating that it was “contrary to the national security of the US of A”. Now personally speaking, that would have been enough for me; I would have kicked up hell until all of my gold was returned to me intact.

merkelGold is a very heavy metal, with a stack the size of a normal domestic microwave cooker weighing in at a ton and when Adolph Hitler’s daughter, sorry I couldn’t pass that opportunity up, I mean Mrs Merkel of course, the German Chancellor, recently asked for the return of Germany’s 3000 tons of gold, the Americans said that they will return it to Germany BUT that they would do so over the period of one year! Surely this should wake up those of our leaders who really are not aware but I suspect that in reality these animals are very rare?

It would take just three Jumbo jets to airlift the whole 3000 tons to Germany, so why would they take over a year to deliver? I suspect the reason is simply because the cupboard is bare! fort knoxFort Knox has not been audited since the 1950s and taking into account that most small businesses will carry out a stock take and audit annually to make sure that they are on the ball, isn’t it a bit strange that the US government have not ordered an audit in over 60 years?

The truth is that they may very well have done just that, maybe even annually for all we know (but I doubt it), but the owners of Fort Knox can simply refuse to comply. “Hold on” I hear you say, “surely the government are the owners”? Well no actually, the government are not the owners of Fort Knox; the owner is the Federal Reserve. “What’s the problem then” I hear you questioning again “the government own the Fed”. Sorry but wrong again. The United States Federal Reserve, just like our very own Bank of England, is privately owned, and the owners do not want anybody looking too deeply into their business. So they politely decline any request for an audit! As a result, nobody knows how much gold is held (or not) at Fort Knox and how much has been quietly sold to the Chinese for example.

One day very soon, within the next 12 months I would suggest, many much cleverer observers than I are surprised that it has not happened already, the worlds financial system will not be there when we wake up. ATMs will be closed down. Banks will not panicopen in an attempt to protect their holdings and to prevent a run on the bank. You will not be able to use your ‘plastic’ to buy your petrol or your food, although that will not be such a problem as the shelves will have been stripped bare by mid morning and there will be no food available. It has been said that any ‘civilised’ society is only three days of hunger away from revolution. Law and order will break down, the police will not be able to control civil disturbance across the nation, just look at the riots a couple of summers ago and bear in mind that each individual police officer also has a family to protect and feed.

Depending on how long the emergency lasts, local services will begin to collapse. First the electricity will fail, quickly followed by gas supplies. Fresh water will become scarce. All of this will lead to further disturbances and a further collapse of civilised society. Dog eat dog will be the order of the day.

And when the clamour for some control from the government becomes the loudest, the military will be called in. They will not be called into support the civil authorities they will be called in to suppress the disturbances, the civilian police will be the bystanders, and we will be under Marshall Law!tanks

The calls for protection from the mobs will be reinforced with calls for rubber bullets and harsh measures to be used to protect the people. ID cards will be welcomed. Detention without trial will be accepted. Trial without jury and even summary justice will be tolerated. Freedom of speech will not be allowed, as any dissent will be seen as an act of rebellion in such difficult times. All civil liberties and freedoms will be ‘temporarily’ curtailed. They will just extend the ‘temporary’ aspect for another two years or so, and another, and another.

Whenever the banks do reopen, your money will have been revalued for you. Perhaps down to 50% or even 10%. Those life savings of say £20,000 suddenly are only £10,000 or even just £2,000.

What can you do about it? Surprisingly there are a few things that you can do.

Do spread the word. The more people who talk about such things, the more difficult it becomes for them to bring them about.

Do join

The Lawful Rebellion and
The Lawful Bank.    

both organisations that are fighting now for your freedom in the future, by lawful means. Using the law to bring about the only thing that will prevent such a happening, a complete change of our society. We need a system that will take control of the banks, and hence return control of the country to the people.

Do be aware. Use the internet to access the Free Press.

Do build a reserve of food and bottled water. Candles, matches, chocolate, energy foods, batteries for torches and radios etc. Plan for holding sufficient supplies for three months if you can but whatever you can manage will help.

Don’t tell people what you are doing. In the immediate future they will consider you a ‘nutter’. If this does come about they will know who’s door to come knocking on or down for food. If I (and others) have got this wrong or we manage to prevent it from happening, it just means that you have a plentiful food supply when unexpected visitors come to call.

Don’t believe what your government says, either directly or via the main stream media.

Don’t believe me! Do your own research.

Don’t be part of the problem.

Don’t close your eyes to what is happening.

Do remember it is your future and more importantly – your childrens future.

n.b. The author is not suggesting for one moment tat the German Chancellor Angela Merkel is related to Adolph Hitler in any way.  I am sure that she is a very nice lady.