Today, I realised just how disloyal to my Father I have been.  Indeed more than merely being disloyal, I have in fact betrayed not only my own father but the whole of his generation!

A normal Saturday afternoon of shopping turned from the ordinary, rather tedious expedition as it is for most men, into a crashing moment of shock and realisation as the full enormity of my acts of betrayal were forced home on me!

It has been a long time since a single wisp of smoke has passed my lips but for a few weeks now I have endured a hankering to smoke a pipe.  More than just filling my lungs with the cocktail of chemicals that a cigarette provides it is the ritual of preparing, lighting, including the challenge of keeping it alight, as well as the sensual pleasure of the tobacco itself that I enjoyed all those years ago.  And it is exactly that that I am yearning for today.

What has this to do with my act of betrayal against my Father?  It proved to be the nucleolus of events that stretched across the years.  My collection of pipes and other regalia has long been consigned to the dustbin and I could not even remember the name of the brand of tobacco I enjoyed so much, therefore whilst I stood in the queue at my local supermarket to pay for my mother-in-laws copy of the Sun (nothing to do with me please note) I realised that I might be able to refresh my memory with the aid of the assistant behind the ‘ciggy’ counter.

“Do you sell pipe tobacco?” I asked “Yes we do” she answered and then recited the brands that she sold, none of which I recognised as ‘my’ brand.  Casting my eyes to the stock on the shelves, my gaze was of course met with a veritable ‘Berlin Wall’ of white doors that obscured all of the smoking materials.  When I asked if she could slide the door back so that I might recognise the tin, the poor lady told me that she was not allowed to do so and that the law actually forbade me from seeing what was behind those doors.  It was then that it really struck home, just how far this country of mine had slipped down the road to being a truly Fascist State.

My Father fought through the North African deserts and then onto Berlin.  My father-in-law braved the Russian convoys, strapped to a freezing Bofors gun, all in the name of freedom.  Countless thousands of others, across the globe gave the ultimate sacrifice for the same cause.  And today I realised that I not only have I betrayed each and every one of them but to what extent that betrayal has reached!

I have allowed their actions and their memories to be trashed into the mud of inaction.  Sure I have done my fair share of moaning and complaining each time the price of petrol has gone up or another little piece of my freedom has been eradicated, such as the witch hunt against smokers, but other than having a whinge, I have done little else.

For the past 50 years I have served my country in one way or another, either in uniform or by simply paying my dues each week to my government.  But whilst I have been a good little citizen and done as I was told, my country has been taken over and conquered by the very same people that my Fathers generation fought so hard to prevent from doing so.

It has gone far beyond the fact that I am not allowed to look at a packet of fags, which is in reality almost an irrelevance; it has penetrated through and poisoned every aspect of our society.  Our politicians are far worse than common criminals.  They place themselves in authority over us; they dictate how we will lead our lives, and we place them on pedestals whilst they rob us and rape our children!

We allow our politicians to wage wars that are not only illegal but very, very immoral.  At the same time as they send our young people to death and mutilation in foreign lands with which we should have no argument, they treat them with contempt and derision.  Those who are lucky enough to come home without a flag draped over them are thrown onto the scrap heap and it is left to charities to try and pick up the pieces of their lives.

One thing that our politicians are very good at is installing fear into the people.  Fear of losing your job, fear of losing your home, your health, your wealth.  Fear is a powerful tool in the hands of criminals.  Keep the people in fear and they are easier to control.  Cut wages, cut pensions, increase taxes, increase gas/electricity/water prices.  Increase food prices – increase fear!  When people are too worried about whether they will have enough to feed their children or be able to survive the cold of winter, they are easy to confuse and control.

Once was the time when your local MP, and consequently parliament, was answerable to the people – today they are answerable to, and their loyalty is to, their Party.

Once was the time when local authorities actually ‘served’ the people – now they ‘CONTROL’ the people.

Parliament continues to heap legislation upon legislation onto the bowed shoulders of an ever increasingly subservient populous.  Reducing the quality of life, reducing the life expectancy of the elderly been the aim of Fascist regimes throughout history.  Adolph Hitler murdered those who were disabled either physically or mentally.  21st Century Britain is slightly more sophisticated and employs a foreign owned company called Atos to wheedle out those who it considers are a drain on the resources of the government.  Should some of those ‘malingerers’ forced off of disability benefits actually die as a result of this action, well that’s collateral damage and the government can cope with that.

Thousands of people are losing their jobs and are forced onto the benefit system because of government actions.  Those people are then criticised and labelled as being lazy scroungers by that same government.  Many of these people lose their homes as well as their dignity; some are thrown into such despair and depression that they take their own lives – but that is collateral damage!  Is it me or am I seeing more reports in the media of complete families being killed, children included, by one parent or another? followed by the suicide of the perpetrator – but that is collateral damage.

Our main stream media is controlled by the same people who control our politicians and is about to have any last vestige of independence snuffed out by the government, via the Leveson Inquiry.  Page after page has recently been dedicated to an ageing disc jockey who was able to get himself into such a powerful position because of the money he raised and the ‘friends’ who were at the very top of our establishment, that he became ‘fireproof’ and was able to pursue his aim of sexually abusing anyone that took his fancy, regardless of their age.  This disclosure shook the country to its core but there was worse to come.

Choosing Prime Ministers Question Time, a Labour MP raised the spectre of the vile practise of paedophilia reaching right to the very door step of number 10 Downing Street.  Little has been heard since.  A few days later, a TV presenter hands a list of suspected MP paedophiles to the very same Prime Minister on national television.  One of the names allegedly on that list was the same name that was given to the police in the form of a sworn affidavit by a victim of sexual abuse at a children’s home in north Wales.  I use the word ‘allegedly’ very carefully because the names on the list were NOT visible and no names were mentioned.  Likewise with a BBC news programme, again no names were mentioned.  However, without ever being identified by either the BBC or ITV, the owner of that name was able to receive over ¼ of a million pounds Sterling from the two organisations. Not a bad mornings work, even for Mr McAlpine.

A very powerful and wealthy man is able to bluster and threaten; the Establishment closes ranks around him and the national media collapses.  A few names from yesterday’s entertainment world are thrown to the wolves, and everything is once again swept under the carpet.  A large number of men, primarily from the north of England, are convicted of the sexual abuse of underage girls.  The fact that those men were of Pakistani or Afghan origin is completely ignored by the authorities.  Indeed the whole issue is ignored by the authorities, presumably because of that racial element; these gangs were able to continue to prey on hundreds of young girls for years.  With what can only be described as the connivance of the police, social workers and the local authorities.  But these people are still allowed, not only to stay out of prison but to remain in their jobs.

A young girl with Downs Syndrome in Scotland tells of her abuse at the hands of not only her father but a large number of people, some of them highly placed police officers, judges and politicians.  As a result, her mother is sectioned under the Mental Health Act, the person who is representing both mother and child is thrown into prison for distributing election material, by one of the named judges.  Can you read about this in the media?  Of course not.

What concerns me greatly is that the majority of these cases are historical, are we to believe that our betters in the Establishment have suddenly turned lilly white and the 75 Labour MPs identified by the FBI as having paid for access to child pornography sites, have all become as innocent as priests – sorry, perhaps comparing them with priests was not such a good choice!  Why is the media are not asking questions about the safety of our children TODAY?

Hundreds of children are taken from their parents by Social Services every year in the UK (it is estimated some 4.5 million worldwide).  In some cases it is justified, such as where a child is a risk from assault and/or abuse.  But in many cases it can, for example be because the parents belong to the wrong political party.

Do you still believe we live in a free country?

Our once highly respected National Health Service is reduced to a shambles.  The wrong operation is performed on the wrong person.  A young man is allowed to die of thirst in a hospital bed.  Numerous elderly patients are forced to lay in their own urine and faeces for hours on end.  Thousands die each year when their lives could have been extended – but that is collateral damage.

Another institution that has always been highly respected around the world is our law.  The friendly ‘Bobby’ on the street that everyone trusted has been replaced Robo Cop.  A distant figure draped in body armour with cuffs, batons, spray and increasingly firearms on open display.  The police ‘man’ or ‘woman’ that you felt you could approach has been replaced by a police ‘officer’, an armed automaton whose first responsibility is not to the people he serves but to the corporate government which employs him as a debt collector.  If you know of a true police ‘man’ or ‘woman’, then savour them.

Secret courts, once the preserve of such countries as East Germany or the Soviet Union, are operational in 21st Century Britain.   Magistrates courts are hired by the day to rubber stamp the debt collection activities of local authorities enforcing ever more draconian legislation, some of which was supposed to be used only for fight terrorism.  Increasingly our Common Law is usurped by legislation that is not only imposed upon us by a foreign power but is actually illegal.  But that is collateral damage.

Britain IS broken.  But it is not broken by accident.  It has been designed to be this way.  Designed by the very people who we put into a position of power over us.  We have been betrayed by the people we trust.  And WE have betrayed the people that sacrificed so much for our tomorrows.  WE have committed that betrayal by ALLOWING this to happen.  Each time we have not stood up to be counted when we have seen our ‘betters’ doing something that you knew was not right.  When you lost a little bit more freedom.  When you voted at any election for the status quo to remain – you, and me, have betrayed our own forefathers.

Is there an answer? 

There is no shortage of articles and people who are only too happy to tell you what is wrong with our country and indeed the world but what you rarely see or hear is what can be done about it.

The short answer is yes, there is quite a lot that can be done to express your displeasure at our system of democracy.  You can write to your MP but don’t be too surprised if your MP does anything more than get his secretary to write you a polite reply.  It certainly won’t cause any changes to come about.  You can spoil your voting paper, but all does is to create a little bit of humour for the counters.  Of course you can always vote for one of the other parties but the problem here is that they are all the same regardless of the colour of the party.  Lift the veneer and there is not a lot of difference.  What about voting for an Independent candidate then?  Possibly this is the best choice, at least an Independent will owe his allegiance to his voters and not to any Party Whip.  But an Independent is only one man or woman amongst 650 odd others (and they are very odd).

All of the above still rely on the status quo with the basic system remaining as it is – corrupt!

What I would humbly suggest is that we need to change the system completely.  We have given the current system a damn good run for it’s money (well, our money actually), much longer than it has ever deserved.  But what could we replace it with? What options are there?

We could always go for a system of total state control a’la the Soviet Union but to achieve that we need to do nothing other than carry on as we are, because that is the way we are heading with the European Union.  How about a simple Dictatorship then?  Well this has been tried before of course and it didn’t work out too well.

So what are we to do?  Perhaps we need a rebellion!  Now you’re talking but not the type of rebellion you are possibly thinking of.  No burning of double decker buses or even street barricades erected but a Lawful Rebellion.  As soon as you start breaking the law, you play directly into the hands of the powers that be and justify them in using extreme force against you – and remember that they have all of the really BIG guns, dogs, men, batons, armoured vehicles and anything else that they need to suppress and defeat you.

The biggest weapon in our armoury is the law itself.  Our government is acting illegally in many, many ways and we need to challenge them with the law itself at every opportunity we can.  We need to replace the whole system with a new system based on people power.  We need to wrest the financial control from the Bankers and their puppets in Parliament to ourselves.  We the people need to run our own country; we need to control our own destinies.

A dream too far do you think?  No it’s not – it IS possible to do this.  It is possible to have a safe and secure future for our children and all of our future generations.  You do not have to challenge a line of riot police you simply have to support the following.