By: The Rodfather

It seems inevitable that the accursed jewel-in-the-crown of the European Union, the Euro, will eventually collapse into a pile of worthless pieces of paper across the floor of Europe.  Equally it seems very probable that despite the best efforts of the unelected despots and lickspittle politicians who deny their own people a say in their own lives that the European Union itself may be heading for the buffers.

Surely this will be a good thing? After all think of the £50 million that we spend on the EU each and every day, as well as the incalculable amounts that EU policies such as the Common Agriculture policy and the Fisheries Policy cost the UK alone.  Such vast amounts of money combined with completely inefficient accounting systems mean that nobody really has an idea of the TRUE amount that the EU costs.  So, should we be putting out the bunting and popping the Champaign corks in celebration as some people suggest?  Well, before we do, let’s consider a few things. 

Nobody can deny that the EU is under very considerable pressure.  The birth place of western civilization, the light in a very dark world that is Greece is rapidly imploding in upon itself.  Unable to service the interest repayments on loans imposed upon it by the International Monitory Fund and the World Bank the German dominated EU has supplanted the democratically elected government and replaced it with a government of its own choosing – nothing short of a Coup D’etat, the democratic rights of the Greek people meaning nothing at all to the Politburo in Brussels.  All that was missing were the tanks on the streets, although they may not be very far into the future. 

More loans were then imposed on Greece so that she may repay the interest on the original loan – BUT she is now unable to repay the interest on the new loan.  Consequently another new loan is imposed to enable that interest payment to be made – BUT Greece is now unable to repay the new loan.  Therefore a further loan is imposed to ensure that THAT payment can be met – BUT …. You get the picture now of course. 

Greece will NEVER be able to get out of debt, she (and her people) will forever be in shackles to the elitist Bankers and politicians and will have no option but to perform every act that her masters degree.  Unfortunately, this nightmare is not only haunting the people of Greece– butItaly, Spain, Portugal and Eire are waiting in the wings.

This sheer stupidity is of course placing immense pressure on the Euro, that pinnacle of excellence, that shining symbol of the Euro Zone itself.  Many people are eager to celebrate the collapse of the Euro and indeed the EU itself, convinced that one will lead to the other.  And well it may, but whether that is a good thing in the short-term for the people of Europe and Great Britain in particular, is more than questionable.  Those people who now call so eagerly for the demise of both, have little understanding of the impact such an occurrence will have on this country alone.

Backed as it is by nothing more than a promise from a Banker (we all know how trustworthy they are), the Euro is nothing more than a piece of paper that will shortly be worthless. Gone are the heady days of the ‘Gold Standard’ when currencies, including Sterling and the mighty Dollar, were backed by the deposits of gold held by governments.  Gordon Brown ensured that Sterling would be confined to the dustbin when he foolishly, some say ‘criminally’ sold off theUK’s gold reserves at knock down prices (I wonder who bought it?)  The US Dollar fares no better as the Federal Reserve Bank simply prints money like confetti, as does the Bank of England, quantitive easing, they call it.

The collapse of the Euro is inevitable, probably likewise the EU itself but the Commissars in Brussels and the Elitists will not give up without a fight.  The gravy on the train is far too rich to just walk away from – and that is when you will probably see the tanks on the streets!


Sterling is inexorably linked to the Euro Zone.  When the Euro folds the Pound Sterling will collapse just behind it.  With some luck it may not have such a hard landing as the Euro, but collapse it will.  How quickly this happens will depend on Iran!

Clearly the Elitists, who are the relatively few people who REALLY control the world and its governments, need to bring Iran under their control. Iran is one of the very few countries in the world which is not massively in debt to the World Bank and consequently they have no power over her.  The only other country that is in a similar situation to Iran is North Korea. Iraq and Libya were also free of the World Bank; consequently they have since been ‘liberated’.  Unfortunately for the world, the Elitists who have a vast amount of power because of their privileged status and ancestry but not really being that intelligent, they are unable to see further than the end of their blood stained noses. 

Iran is not Libya! 

Iranians are not Arabs, they are Persians and there the main difference lies.  Persians are the descendants of a very ancient and noble civilization and culture.  They are passionate about their country.  The current regime in Tehran may not be to every Iranians liking but they will stand behind it if their country is threatened – just like most Englishmen. 

Assuming that the Russians and Chinese do not become militarily involved in the conflict and ignoring the nuclear aspect should Israel become involved, the USA will ultimately get the upper hand in reducing Iran back to the stone age, as they did Libya, but Iranians will not run away when the first shot is fired, they are a very disciplined people. 

Their Armed Forces are very well equipped, courtesy of the Russians and the Chinese.  They are very well-trained, courtesy of the USA as well as the Russians and the Chinese.  They will fight – and they will fight hard for their country against the invader. 

Notwithstanding the fact that the Americans have ordered the Straights of Hormuz are not to be shut to international shipping, those naughty Iranians will probably not do as they are told.  The Straights of Hormuz are a mere 21 miles wide, with the shipping lanes just 2 miles wide, and are a choke point that separates Iran from Oman on the African coast.  17 million barrels of oil pass through every day.  This represents about 35% of the world’s oil output

The sinking of one single LPG super carrier in the Straights will close them for weeks, if not months.

The immediate effect to this country will be a doubling or possibly trebling of petrol prices at the pumps, raising the cost of a gallon of fuel (if you can find any) to nearly £10.00 per gallon.  Distribution of non-essential retail items will be stopped completely to enable resources to be allocated to food distribution and emergency services.  Power cuts will be widespread further affecting factories and offices etc.  Public transport, although given priority, will be severely affected.

The financial markets across the globe will nose dive.  Banks, already under a great deal of pressure will declare a ‘Banking Holiday’ for and period up to a week or more.  Unfortunately this does not mean that we can have a nice week at the seaside, although if you lose your job you will have the time, if not the money.  It means that the banks will close for that period of time, to enable them to ‘consolidate’ their positions. 

During this period you will not have access to your bank account, including via the ATM.  The banks will be looking for ways in which to reschedule their costs.  One method that is actively being considered is to use the contents of savings accounts to re-balance their books.  When the banks reopen, they will be slightly healthier than before they closed down.  Investors savings accounts will pay out in the region of 5:1, which means that if you had £5,000 savings before the closure, you will have £1,000 New Pounds when they reopen. 

Current account holders will find that their accounts have been revalued at 2:1.  A person, who pays in £1,000 a month to meet monthly bills etc, will find that the account now holds just £500 New Pounds with which to meet ever-increasing costs of essential purchases.  Life is going to become more difficult for everyone, and for once the politicians will be proved right – we will all be in together!

So perhaps we had better slip the champagne back into the cupboard along with the bunting and maybe not raise the Cross of St George or the Union flag to celebrate the demise of the EU until we have the situation a little more under control.  It is a brave new future awaiting us just around the corner – good luck everyone!