By: The Rodfather  20 Dec 2011

There has been much speculation in the main stream media recently as to who was to blame for the riots that shook a number of English cities last summer.  Depending on which side of the political fence you sit, you can take your choice of the available reasons.   If you listen to the Guardian or the London School of Economics, or any other left-wing source of course, the reason is well and truly planted at the door of the Coalition government.  If this were as simple a reason as the Left claim, it would indeed be a dramatic achievement by the government to wreck such havoc on our society that it breaks down so completely in the relatively short period of time in which they have been in office.  The government are keen to place the blame on their predecessors quoting the breakdown in society over the 13 years of Labour government.  However both of these scenarios required the blame to land at the feet of the politicians themselves, and naturally in our Great and Free Democracy in which we live today, it is not possible for any politicians to be proved wrong no matter what colour of the rainbow they represent.

What was needed therefore was a compromise.  A scapegoat.  A patsy.  Enter the ‘Home Affairs Select Committee’.  A fine upstanding collection of politicians  if ever there was one, consisting of MPs from all major parties.  The collective sighs of relief when that great gathering of political intellect finally managed to agree on a fall guy could be heard as far afield as Tottenham where the riots first kicked off.  They managed to find somebody to blame for the whole disgraceful episode that would enable all politicians to wash their hands of any blame for the scenes that we and the rest of the world, watched unfurling on our television screens each night.  The fact that this fall guy was an organisation that would not be able to hit back and defend themselves against these allegations was an added bonus.

I well remember watching the scene displayed on my TV screen as looters ran freely between shops and a double-decker bus was allowed to burn and eventually set light to an adjoining building, whilst a cordon of police officers dressed in riot gear stood idly by and watched it all without taking any action. 

Now I have worked with the police for a good number of years and I believe that I have a pretty good understanding of the mentality of the normal ‘copper’ on the street.  It is fair to say that there are not many ‘wilting lilies’ within their ranks and indeed, the majority of those that I know would rarely pass up the opportunity to enjoy a good ‘Ruck’.  Watching the activities of some officers during the student ‘protests’ should be evidence enough of that.

The question that should now be asked, and answers obtained, is who gave the order for the police to hold back?  And upon that person being identified, they should be removed from their position whether it be as a politician or a senior police officer.

The authorities knew what they were doing when the held back the police and allowed the rioters a free hand.   And they knew what the response to that order would be.  Even before the ashes of the burned out stores had cooled and the glazier’s started to earn their wages for the next six months, the calls were out in the main stream media – “Call in the troops” and “Use rubber bullets”.

How easy it is to manipulate the masses (look at N. KOREA) into not only agreeing to the use of weapons but even to live ammunition being used against protesters.  Already London police have the use of Armoured cars, which were used for the first time on mainland Britain, now they have the authorisation to actually shoot people who they suspect of arson attacks.  That certainly is a turn around from standing idly by and watching London burn!

One big problem is that todays TV viewer and supporter of these draconian measures may turn out to be tomorrows pensioner who has had his pension cut in half by the government as has happened in Greece, or recently had his local hospital closed down to save money, and may feel the need to take his protest onto the streets.  As the police are trained to aim for the groin area, it may be a good idea to ensure that you wear your Cricket Box and for God’s sake don’t light a cigarette if there is a policeman about!

Alternatively you can always put your trust in good old English ‘Fair Play’.  Surely our government would never do that to us? – would they?

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