By; The Rodfather

This video is just over 12 months old but its relevance is even more important today than when it was first screened.

It is also a video that was initially intended for American consumption but it is equally relevant to the UK and indeed to every country in the Western World.

I urge you all to watch it and in turn to urge your loved ones and friends to do the same. 

Only today I was asked by a dear friend if I ever felt that those people going about their business were saner than I?  She went on to explain that as a result of constantly being mocked and ridiculed by her workmates because she has tried to awaken them to what is happening in the world around us, she is now very restrained in what she does discuss with them.  She now restricts herself to the ‘normal’ discussions such as who is doing what in the jungle and who will be voted off at the next X Factor showing, but despite this self-imposed censorship, she is still considered a ‘little potty’.   

Only by being alert as to what is happening to the Western World, including England can we be prepared for it.  The British government is openly destroying the ability of the UK to function.  The military and police are being decimated (in preparation for the implementation of a foreign para-military occupation force).  The people are being taxed to extinction whilst services are being cut way beyond what is necessary.  Thousands of our elderly will follow previous years and die of the cold this winter.  Millions of our young people are being consigned to the scrap heap and consequently condemned to rely on State handouts, which will of course be drastically reduced to save money.  The blatant attack on the traditional family unit with sex education for 6 year olds in our schools, the active encouragement for single parent and even same-sex parenthood, all designed along with the concerted erosion of the influence of the traditional church, to destabilise our society. 

There is no longer even the slightest attempt to disguise this practice of destruction; David Cameron has thrown all pretenses out of the window and is openly marching ahead with his plans to totally control the minds and the actions of the people through fear, with the power of a tsunami.  And he is succeeding! 

Those who survive the next 5 – 10 years without becoming slaves in the truest sense of the word will be those who are aware NOW!  Those who prepare! 

The time is fast approaching when it will be too late to even attempt to wake the sheeple.  Start preparing for YOUR future now!