Welcome to the Brave New World Order

By the  Rodfather:  22 Nov 2011.


Have you ever wondered WHERE the next world war will begin? 

Do you want to know WHY the next world war will begin?

Wonder no more, due to extensive and exhaustive investigative techniques (well actually it wasn’t that difficult to figure it out), The Rodfather is able to now enlighten you. 

And, just in case you were worried that us Brits were going to miss out on this exciting adventure – don’t worry, our beloved leader Mr Cameron has already offered our full support for when the U.S. launches its attack.  (Whoops – I nearly let the cat out of the bag there).

Of course, it does mean that our boys and girls fighting for their lives in Afghanistan, will have to fight a little harder, but of course we all have to make sacrifices in the face of all of the cuts. don’t we?  Well, don’t we?

I’m sure that Mr Cameron has thought long and hard whilst making his decision to support the U.S. – about what he is going to spend all of the money he makes out of it, just as his idol, Mr Blair did.

The secret is revealed in this easy to watch video. just click and watch.