Welcome to the Brave New World Order.

Tahrir Square Cairo was the scene of the very first uprising of the so called ‘Arab Spring’.

By: The Rodfather

Western Leaders were very quick to shout at the top of their voices that this was the birth of a new chapter for the Middle East and that Democracy Rules! One of the first voices heard was that of our very own Prime Minister David (Call me Dave) Cameron.

He certainly was one of the quickest and was flying into Cairo airport before the gun smoke and the tear gas had cleared, eager to sell ever more arms to the Egyptians.

What I find so surprising is that those same Western Leaders, including Call Me Dave, are surprised that those same weapons sold so recently to the new ‘Democratic’ government of Egypt, are now being used against their own people – again!

Got that one wrong Dave!

Thanks to Russian Television News  (RTN) for the reporting that you will never see on the BBC.