By:  The Rodfather 8th November 2011

The REAL BRITS – Welcome to the Brave NEW WORLD ORDER

IF there is still ANY doubt in ANY persons mind as to the TRUE intentions of the European Union, this must dispel them completely. 

IF there is ANY further need of evidence that freedom throughout Europe is DEAD, this must be the final NAIL IN THE COFFIN. 

IF there is ANY person who STILL mocks the exposure of the one world conspiracy of the NEW WORLD ORDER, this must be a brilliant flash of enlightenment. 

The main difficulty with discovering such earth shattering information now is that it is probably far too late.  We have laughed at the EU, we have even fumed at it over the years – we have had straight bananas and square tomatoes all of which have convinced us that ‘those Europeans’ really are not quite up to the mark are they?  After all, we do at last have a British Prime Minister who seems determined to ‘wrestle back’ some control from the EU.   Don’t we?

Don’t be fooled by any of it.  

The EU has evolved a great deal from the old Coal & Steel Community and the Common Market that we signed up for back in the 70’s.  Slowly, oh so slowly that the majority of people never even noticed it happening, it has changed from a mere trading partnership to the completely totalitarian dictatorship that it has evolved into.  Now it is poised to make the ultimate step into the tyrannical and despotic precursor to the New World Order that has been planned for us for so many years. 

The European Security Mechanism (ESM) will shortly be adopted by all member states.   The ESM will have the ability to call down any amount of money it wishes from those states.  Members will have no option but to pay up WITHIN SEVEN DAYS – or else!  It will start its life with a staggering 700 BILLION Euro but will be able to demand any further amount it wishes, when it wishes.  The bosses of this self financing ‘Gold Mine’ will be above to law of every member state.  They will be able to fiddle any amount they wish, for any purpose they wish, and they will be totally fireproof from prosecution or even question.  The debt to the individual State is now referred to as ‘Sovereign Debt’ which very loosely translates into a debt on a nation, that the nation has absolutely no possibility of repaying.

Who was it that said “Power corrupts – Absolute power corrupts absolutely”? (It was actually Lord Acton in 1887)

So who will actually benefit from this wonderful new and additional arm of the EU?  You need to ask first of all, why would any government in its right mind, agree to sign up to such an agreement?  The answer can only be a corrupt one.  A National government that has no intention of working on behalf of the people that they are supposed to represent.  A National government that DOES intend to look after the welfare of just a few people (themselves) over and above anyone else.  A National government which is determined not in furthering the interests of its own Nation and people, but that of a few Elitists who will run the New World Order.

Does this sound like DEMOCRACY to you?

Does this sound like FREEDOM to you?

WHY is your government allowing this to happen?

The REAL BRITSWelcome to the Brave New World.  

Enjoy looking at Britannia above, soon she will be illegal