By The Rodfather

The REAL Brits - Welcome to the New World Social Order

In 1973 the United Kingdom joined the Common Market.  The Prime Minister at the time, Edward Heath reassured the British public that the EEC, as the Common Market soon became known as, was good for the UK, indeed it was essential for her.

 In 1975, Harold Wilson, the then Prime Minister asked the nation whether we, the British people, wanted to stay in the Common Market.

 With hindsight, 1975 was back in the halcyon days when the people could trust our politicians – or at least, we thought we could.  It was not until much later that we learned that not only had we been lied to, but that Heath had committed possibly the greatest single act of treason against Great Britain and her people, in over 1,000 years.

 I remember well Ted Heath assuring me that the British government was only interested in a trading pact with the other European countries there was absolutely no possibility of any closer ties between the member nations.  Now of course we know that Ted Heath (and every Prime Minister since then) was nothing more than an out-and-out liar.  Indeed, he has since admitted that he was very well aware of the plans to unify Europe into one political entity, with its own flag, its own anthem, its own embassies across the globe, its own defence force and police force and of course its own currency.  In fact the dream of such a State had been planned since the end of the First World War.  Adolph Hitler simply acted too soon – but the dream was the same and so was the name ‘The European Union’, first coined by Hermann Goering, Hitler’s henchman.

 Great Britain today is vastly different from when Heath committed such treason. Britain is no longer a sovereign country – over 80% of her laws are made in a foreign country and dictated to our parliament to rubber stamp and pass into law here.  Our politicians are subversive to European bureaucrats who are not answerable to anyone.  We pay the equivalent of more than £50 million per day, 365 days per year to a foreign power.  Our law is subversive to the same foreign power which explains the inability of the British government being able to deport murders and rapists from our own shores, because the European Union (EU) says we can’t.

The UK has been divided into 12 ‘Regions’.  Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland are fortunate in that their size means that each country is a region and is allowed to keep their identities (for now).  England on the other hand is far too big and consequently has been divided into nine Regions (see map).  The Region in which I live is the South East Region or Region UK9 as the beaurocrats prefer it to be known.  In addition each Region has been allocated to a ‘Super’ region which means that the ‘Capitol’ of UK9 is Lyons in northern France!–Gordon-Brown-flies-flag-St-George-Downing-Street.html 


Foreign police now have the power to enter the UK, arrest a British national for an alleged crime, incarcerate them in a foreign prison for an indeterminate period while they ‘investigate’ the crime and then commit the unfortunate person to a prison sentence and all without any reference to a British Court.  Indeed, any EU member state can order the British police to investigate a crime on their behalf, even if the alleged act is not a crime in this country.  It is proposed to completely unify each individual country’s Police Force into one EU wide Police Force answerable to Brussels and not to our own laws.

You may wonder why, when the country is supposedly facing its greatest security threat since the Second World War, our government are so set on devastating our armed forces, reducing the Royal Air Force to a size equivalent to that of the Belgium Air Force, destroying the ability of the Royal Navy to defend itself by scrapping her Aircraft Carriers and the Fleet Airarm, and reducing the Army to a strength smaller than the country had before the Boer War.   The UK is now dependant on the Euro Defence Force.

 The riots that recently scarred the face of British civilization were a very convenient exercise for the government.  You will recall that in the initial stages of the unrest the police took no action other than to stand and watch.  Undoubtedly the officers on the streets were itching to get into the melee and crack a few heads, which would have probably stopped the whole scenario there and then.  As it was, this inaction sent exactly the wrong (or was it the right) message to anyone that fancied a bit of mayhem and a new TV – ‘You Can Do What You Want and Get Away With It’.  The result was inevitable and so predictable.  The public demanded ever stricter controls and ever more draconian laws.  The next time the police are ‘Not Able To Cope’ with a civil disturbance, the cry will be louder than ever – to call in the troops.  But remember we don’t have many left and those that we do have are being killed and maimed in some sand fill hell hole thousands of miles away.  But don’t worry.  Remember we are in the EU and can therefore call upon the European Gendarmerie, a Para military ‘Police’ force that are trained to deal with such disturbances – somewhat harsher than the British Bobby will ever do, when did you last see a Bobby with fixed bayonets?

My information is that there are already two units of this Force in the UK, one in Kent and one in Sussex.  Ostensibly they are here for United Nations Training but it takes not a lot of imagination to accept that they are really here to protect the UK end of the Channel Tunnel and form a ‘Bridgehead’ for reinforcements to be brought into the country safely (for them).

Many people are celebrating the difficulties that the EU economies are in, particularly the possible demise of the Euro.  If the Euro were to fail, the European Union will fail.  The fact is that the Euro will NOT be allowed to fail, regardless of the cost.  The fact that the EU dictators are considering asking Communist China to bail them out of this should be enough proof for anyone.  Before freedom, democracy and free nations are returned to the European mainland, there will be troops on the streets.  Not only of this country but probably the majority of member states will be in turmoil.  I suspect that the Balkans will be a walk in the park in comparison.  The failure of the Euro will herald mayhem onto the heads of the European people, including of course, the British.

The first thing you must do is to investigate for yourself and make your own decision.  When you do so remember one very important fact.  POLITICIANS LIE.