The REAL Brits – Welcome to the Brave New World Order


When a jet aircraft flies through the atmosphere and the conditions are just right for it, the aircraft will leave a trail of exhaust fumes behind it, much like a car.  The visible trail is made up of gases that are expelled by the engine and are made up mainly of heated water which is hotter than the surrounding air, hence the vapour trail. 

 A normal vapour trail is easy to identify because as the water cools to the temperature of the surrounding air, it evaporates and disappears.

OK, I know they're not 'Normal' trails but I like the Red Arrows.

 Usually, aircraft tend to fly in pre-determined flight paths as they approach or leave airports.  The elephants in the room are of course, military planes that tend to go where they want.  Some parts of the country are used to seeing airplanes, whilst others see only the occasional flyover or even so rarely that people tend to look up at the strange sight and maybe noise.  Here in Hastings East Sussex, we are in the middle rating with occasional sightings.

 There is another type of ‘vapour’ trail however, that acts differently from the norm.  It flows from the aircraft as normal, but that is where the similarity ends.  Whereas the normal vapour trail disappears quickly, this type does not.  It stays around in the atmosphere for hours, up to 6 or even 8 hours.  Further it spreads itself out, sometimes until it merges with other trails.  For this is the second major difference.  In an area such as Hastings, the skies are generally clear, except for 1 or 2 as airliners make their way to and from the London airports.  But these ‘Chem-Trails’ always appear in large numbers and display an apparent haphazard pattern in the sky, until ultimately the sky appears almost covered with a thin ‘impostor’ cloud made up of the substance that has been discharged from various aircraft.

 On the 18th October 2011, I accompanied my wife to an appointment at our local hospital.  On the way there, Carol commented on the number of aircraft trails there were in the sky.  The sky was covered with the Criss-cross of vapour trails all of which were failing to dissipate.  The time was fast approaching Carol’s appointment  and unfortunately I did not have the time to try to figure out the technical issues that my new mobile phone was presenting me and consequently the hoped for video did not work out.  Some two hours later, when we emerged from the hospital I tried again with a still shot but although the sky was darkening I managed to capture four trails as they flew right over the top of the town.  The others were still visible to the eye but not to the camera regretfully. 

Chem Trails over Hastings, still in place some 2 1/2 hours after first being sighted.

What are Chem-trails?  It seems that they may be something very sinister, as opposed to being simply a very busy day at Gatwick.  If my investigations are right, it could be our much-loved government showing how much it loves us, by spraying the whole country with various poisons designed possibly to lower immune systems and ultimately thin the population, which is of course is an avowed aim of the New World Social Order, to which we are all quietly marching.

What did you say?  You don’t believe the British Government would do such a terrible thing to her own people?


Please watch these video’s, do the research and make up your own mind.  Enjoy – or be worried as the case may be.