The biggest threat to the security of this country and to the future of every person within this country is the impending financial collapse of the world economy.

Any person, who tells you that everything will be fine in the end, is either wrong or looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses or they are lying to you.

Any politician that tells you that the UK, European or World Economy is or will recover either slowly or quickly is telling you lies.

For an economy to expand and grow there has to be the right conditions for it to do so.  Just as a plant requires an adequate supply of sunshine and water, so an economy requires ample supplies of two important ingredients.  The first is of course wealth.  There must be enough money in people’s pockets to buy the goods that have been made by the factories.

The second equally essential ingredient is oil.  There must be sufficient affordable oil to fuel the factories that manufacture the goods in the first place.  Stop and think just how important oil is to us.

It will mean much more than simply having to walk to work because your local petrol station has closed when the oil dries up.  Without sufficient supplies of oil – the world will stop!

The computer keys that I am tapping as I write this were made from oil.  Oil is used to generate the electricity to operate the computer that is forming the article and will enable you to read it.  It will boil the water for the cup of tea – if there is enough energy to power the pump to get the water to your tap.  Or to get your Earl Grey from the plantation on the other side of the world, to your corner shop.

Oil is running out!  We are burning and using more oil today than is being discovered to replace it.  We have used over half of the world’s oil reserves in 100 years of use.  Is it really a coincidence that all of the wars that we have had or are waging now, are based around the supply of oil?  It is simple really – we have nearly used up all of our oil.

The other ingredient required for growth is money and some may say that this is not a problem; if we run short the government can simply print some more.  You may have heard of “quantitative easing”?  This is the art of magic where a government simply runs the printing presses and print off more money notes.  The only problem with this is that the money is worthless and each note that is printed, effectively devalues the one that was printed ahead of it. 

I have to admit that I am but a simple man and have found it very difficult to understand the issue of national and international finances.  It is true to say that the bankers do make the whole subject as difficult for us mortals to understand, because if we all understood it we would not need the bankers at all.  A number of great minds have tried valiantly to explain to me how our modern banking system came about and how it operates but I must admit that I did suffer a number of ‘Homer’ moments.   I realised later that my ruse of applying my ‘intelligent’ face must have worked because they believed their message had struck home whereas their wise words had simply gone swiftly above my head to crash into a useless heap behind me.

However, all was not lost because recently I came across a video that I was able to understand.  It goes without saying that it is a cartoon!  The short of it is that I now have a pretty good understanding of the world economic situation because this simple cartoon has explained to me the basics and given me the opportunity to get a grasp on bigger picture.  I offer to you the opportunity to view this video and gain an insight into what is happening to you and your children’s world and future.  There is no need to explain to anyone that you learnt it from a cartoon, you can pretend to be clever – like wot I do! 

Enjoy it and spread the word. 

There will be much more for you to follow in the near future.  It will of course HAVE to be the ‘near’ future because we do not have much time!

The REAL BRITS – The Voice of the Silent Majority