By Rod Bridger – The REAL BRITS.

The BBC calls them ‘Protesters’, some call them ‘disturbances’, others, more truthfully, call them ‘Riots’ and the Left Wing call them ‘Festivals’ and give rioters advise on how to avoid being arrested for the crimes they have committed.  There is plenty to worry about from these people, as a tour of this site will show.

Many, many words have been written about these riots some useful, others a worrying insight into the dark mentality of some people who reside in these Islands .  Naturally there are racist comments as you would expect from some obnoxious people and then of course there are those who seek to excuse the violence and looting because the perpetrators are deprived little innocents who deserve even more handouts than they already get.

Enough time has passed now since those very unpleasant days and nights, for some form of peace and normality to return to the streets and the hot blood of anger to have cooled.  Now is the time to ask questions and the first that I would ask is:  Who organised them?

For organised they surly were.  To believe that the way these riots sprung up around the capital and later in other areas throughout the country spontaneously is simply beyond the pale.  How some spotty ‘oikes’ were able to transform an apparent lawless mob into semi disciplined smaller and very mobile groups that appeared to move on command to different areas, is unexplained.  The consequence of this mobility was the spreading of the chaos over a much wider area and stretching an already overextended police force, is unexplained.  Of course the experiment in the destruction of the ‘Family’ and English culture which has produced the ‘feral’ youth of today provided the foot soldiers for the new style Gang Masters.

It is clear that ‘somebody’ was orchestrating these events in London, Birmingham and Manchesterin particular.  Other outbreaks of violence may well have been copycat versions which just served to heighten the alarm around the country but the riots in those three major cities in particular, were just too neat!

Having accepted that at least some of them were organised, I have to repeat the question ‘By Whom’?  The first choice would unsurprisingly be the extreme left-wing as were the May riots in London.  But these were different.  The reaction from the Police was different insofar as initially they simply stood by and watched buildings and buses burn and looters loot.  To suggest that there were not sufficient officers to cope with the early disturbances is simply not true.  Even the police have admitted that they got it wrong but they were afraid of being criticised and accused of brutality if they acted too hard, too soon.  Whereas the reality is that if they had gone in immediately trouble started and dealt with it firmly, it may well have put the lid on it straight away.  So, why didn’t they go in earlier?  Could it be that they were ordered not to?

So, if it wasn’t the far left-wing, who was it?  Did the government plan it themselves?  I believe not.  The Prime Minister, Home Secretary, other ministers and important politicians such as the Mayor of London, were all on holiday.  Not only on holiday out of the country but they took such a long time to realise the enormity of what was happening back home and  rush back as quickly as possible.  No self-respecting, adoration loving, self-centred politician could ignore such an opportunity to show how wonderful they could be at saving the country.  Of course, the Deputy Prime Minister was on watch, but ‘chocolate tea pots’ spring to mind with regard to him, don’t they? 

To get to the truth as to who is behind this little exercise – for that’s what it was – a practise, we have to look at what is already happening. Watching David Cameron speaking, he was clearly shaken by the events and possibly even acting under orders when he authorised the Police to use water cannon and rubber bullets on the streets of England!  Armoured vehicles are being used against ‘demonstrators’ on the streets of London!  Police are authorised to enforce the removal of face masks on the streets!  (Unless you are a Muslim it would appear).  And still a frightened British public demand even more draconian measures from our guardians.

Forces are moving behind the scenes, dark forces that have allegiance only to themselves and certainly not to the people of Great Britain, let alone the British Government.  Preparation is being made for the implementation of a New Order, spoken of frequently by world leaders.  The reduction of our Police Services will NOT be reversed.  There will continue to be insufficient police to control an increasing lawless society and the government will call for assistance from Europol, the European Police Force, to which we have signed up.  Likewise our decimated Army which is fighting a pointless war, being slaughtered and mutilated thousands of miles away whilst just across the Channel sits a European Army, also to which we have signed up, that could so easily be called upon to support the (Euro) Civil Authority on the streets of Great Britain.  Once here, they will not of course ever leave.

Fantasy Land?  I don’t think so.  I hope to any God that you care to name that I am wrong, but I don’t think so.  Let’s just wait and see shall we?  But don’t wait too long!  The next time there is a civil disturbance or the police act heavy-handed with a peaceful demonstration – ask yourself:  Is this the beginning of the end?

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