One more example of the British people stumbling forward towards their own demise with their eyes wide shut, is the subject of Halal and Kosher meat.

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) estimates that 25% of meat supplied to the British market is Halal meat.  Now that may not seem too much of a problem to many people who do not understand exactly what Halal or Kosher meat is.  So please allow me to explain.

What makes Halal and Kosher?  The answer is the way in which the animal is slaughtered.  Many, many people prefer not to think about the unsavoury subject of the killing of the contents of their morning sausages and bacon, and prefer to buy it nice and pre-packed from the supermarket.  But you have to understand that before you tuck into that delicious Sunday roast, the meat has to come from somewhere.

The problem is how the animal is slaughtered.  Admittedly it is not a savoury subject but it is a fact.  In the vast majority of the civilised world, the animal is stunned before it is actually killed.  I will not go into full details here but suffice it to say that the animal is unconscious at this point and suffers very little stress and no pain whatsoever.  The video below will demonstrate this to you if you really want to be aware of the exact process.

Animals that are killed for either Kosher or Halal does not have the benefit of being stunned and they are fully aware of what is about to happen as it is obviously able to see, smell and hear the other animals that have preceded it to slaughter.  In addition, the animal can take up to 10 minutes to actually die and is fully conscious of what is happening to it.

The question is: Why?  The answer is: Religion!  As far as I am able to determine, both The Jewish (Kosher) and Muslim (Halal) faiths use a very similar method of slaughter.  The throat of the animal is slit with a sharp knife and it is allowed to bleed to death.  At the same time, a prayer is said to bless the meat.  That would be sufficient to make me change my religion!

As mentioned earlier, 20% of all meat sold in our supermarkets is Halal.  But you don’t know which is and which is killed humanely because they will not tell us.  Muslims make up less than 2% of the population of  the UK but their influence reaches far beyond that very small percentage in many fields and this is just one of them.  Not only do you not have the choice of your meat being Halal or Kosher when you buy it, but many other outlets serve it as a matter of course leaving you with no choice.

Unfortunately it does not end there!  Many educational authorities and indeed some Health Service’s also provide Halal meat as a matter of course.  You get no choice!

So how can you tell whether you are being served Halal or Kosher?  One way is by selecting where you eat.    Most Indian restaurants, every Pakistani restaurant and numerous Chinese will serve you with Halal meat.  Every kebab you eat after a good night out, you are consuming meat that has died a horrific death.

But what about the butchers department of the local supermarket?  It is said that if you cannot see any blood, then it has been killed according to Halal, the blood has drained out and it has been ‘Blessed’ according to Islam – which will be a problem for you if you are a Christian.  There is no other way as the taste is the same as humanely killed meat.  Therefore the only way you can be sure is to ask the butcher directly.

Many of the supermarket butchers will not know, they just deal with the joints as they come off the back of the delivery truck.  Independent butchers will be able to tell you as each animal is tracked throughout its life including the method of slaughter.

Ask your butcher if his meat is slaughtered according to Kosher or Halal.  Only buy meat that has not been slaughtered in a medieval and barbaric method, but has been killed as humanely as possible ensuring the animal has not suffered.  Every sentinel being deserves that surely.  It is worth remembering that both Jews and Muslims to not eat pork, as they consider the animal to be ‘dirty’.  Long live the bacon sarnie. 

The other alternative of course is to become a vegetarian.

The video below is very graphic and I would suggest that if you are in the least bit squeamish, you do not watch it.  It will upset you!  If you are tougher, please watch it to understand fully – it will still upset you but you will then be able to make up your own mind with all of the information available.

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