One of the headlines of this organisation is ‘Broken Britain’.  If there is any one person within the whole of these ‘Sceptred isles’ who does not only understand that and agree, then they are one of just two types.  They are either complete fools who go through life with their eyes wide shut or they are left-wing liberal traitors who have but one agenda, and that is the complete and utter destruction of the United Kingdom.

The country is in chaos!  The evidence is everywhere.  Our education system is failing our young people and the country’s future.  Our health system is still killing people by infection and even starving them to death.  Our welfare system is failing the people who are vulnerable and need supporting but at the same time it is more than supporting and encouraging the work-shy to spend their lives contributing nothing but extracting vast amounts of money from others who do get out of their beds in the morning.

Our cities and towns are pictures of neglect with empty shops and businesses cropping up on an almost daily basis.  All types of businesses, even those with full order books, are being starved of funding by the banks.  The same banks that we had no choice but to bail out with our own money when their mismanagement and corrupt practises caught up with them.  The same banks who we were made to believe had agreed to make such funding available to businesses as part of that deal.

Hardly a day goes by without an announcement in the media of more job losses.  Not just a few, but in their thousands.  More people being thrown onto the scrap heap.  More people unable to pay the ever-increasing price of essential commodities.  More people having their homes repossessed by the very same banks that are refusing to release money for mortgages.

Our young people are being betrayed.  Do you think it is a coincidence that cheap alcohol is freely available in numerous supermarkets and even more numerous ‘convenience’ stores?  Friday and Saturday nights in any town centre across the width and breadth of the country resemble a battlefield, with drunken bodies littering the streets.  Police and hospital services struggling to manage an ever-increasing number of violent incidents as a result of alcohol.  Don’t be taken seriously ill, have an accident or need help from the police on those nights because the resources are stretched to the limit already.

Drugs are almost as freely available as cheap booze.  Young people think nothing of ingesting drugs that are meant to tranquilise horses, so that they can enjoy an evening out with their friends.  Young people die as a result.  Many of those who survive these ‘recreation’ drugs graduate onto harder substances such as heroin.  Incidentally, are you aware that the majority, if not all, heroin on the streets of this country, emanates from Afghanistan, the country where even more of our young people are being maimed and killed for the whims of politicians?  Did you also realise that not one ounce of heroin leaves that God forsaken country without the blessing of the Taliban, who charge a fee for allowing it to be grown and shipped.  Each gram sold by a dealer for a junkie to ‘shoot up’, contributes toward the death and mutilating of good decent young people who only want to serve their country.  Do you think that is a coincidence as well?

Gang warfare rages openly on the streets of London and Manchester.  In London a special police squad has been set up to investigate so-called ‘Black-on-Black’ attacks.  Young men carry knives as a matter of course for ‘self-defense’.  Guns are routinely available if you have just a few pounds to spare, even automatic sub-machine guns such as the Uzi shown.   Coming mainly from the Afro-Caribean community it is the minority of youngsters that manage to avoid being sucked into these gangs, indeed many join them for protection.  It has been said that the Metropolitan Police have given up some streets to these criminals leaving the law abiding citizens to struggle through their daily lives as best as they can. 

We are constantly told by our ‘Leaders’ that there is not enough money to:   provide housing, look after our elderly, keep libraries open, repair schools, provide books and equipment for schools, provide life saving drugs, repair the roads etc etc, whilst we still pour £50 million PER DAY into the European Union.  Increasing amounts of £ Billions in Foreign Aid to countries that in some cases do not need the money nor even want it. India is a case in point.  One of the strongest new economies it is a nuclear power, has its own space programme and even has her own aircraft carriers with state of the art fighter aircraft.  India has stated that they do not need or want our money.  But still our corrupt politicians publicly state that there is so much corruption in India that the central government cannot always help the poorest of the people (well our politicians would know about that wouldn’t they?), therefore it is the responsibility of the British people to help them.  Why? 

Other nation’s leaders spend the Aid money on executive jets or mansions in Paris, whilst their people scrabble in the rubbish tips for food.  Our government is fully aware of this of course, so why do they continue to waste our money?  Is it all really just to make David Cameron feel good?

The security of the nation is being betrayed.  Police forces across the country are being forced to get rid of the central cadre of experienced officers.  The officers who have spent 30 years learning to protect the people from the criminals.  The experience that should continue to protect us and also to teach the younger officers.  Why?  Because it is easier to mould younger less experienced police officers into the ways that the government needs.  To turn a police force from a service that serves the people – to a force that controls the people.

Prisons are being closed at the same time.  Just at the time when it is likely that they will be needed, with an increase in the crime rate on the cards.  Others are being transferred to the private sector, so that shareholders can make a profit from the boom in crime.  Some businesses will be successful!  What chance does Justice have in todays Great Britain when we have to endure a Judge state that she understands how a paedophile teacher can be sexually attracted to children and then releases him.  Of course that judge should be defrocked, or whatever it is they do to judges other than send them to the House of Lords, but I would also suggest that she be investigated herself!

Our Armed Forces are being decimated to the extent that we would be unable to defend our own shores in the event of a serious conflict.  The Royal Navy has no means to defend itself from the air.  Our naval pilots are now serving on a French aircraft carrier, flying French airplanes, speaking French and eating French food.  I wonder how fast Lord Nelson is spinning right now?  The Royal Air Force is now reduced to an equivalent size to that of the Belgium Air Force.  Our Army is being reduced to a standing army smaller than since before the Boer War.  But all the while, these brave young hero’s are expected to face a viscous enemy in two wars, neither of which we should we be involved in, and risk mutilation or death for a government that will not even allow them the dignity of a formal, dignified and sincere show of respect from the people, and insists on their flag draped coffins being slipped quietly out of the back gate when they come home for the last time.  Why?

The people of Great Britain are being held in fear.  Fear from all of the above and many more reasons that you can think of for yourself.  People are easier to control when that have so much to worry about.  “Yea, yea but I live in the real world”!  Which is just what the government wants to hear because they can now get on with what it really wants to do as opposed to what it should be doing.

The first responsibility of any government is to its people.  To ensure first the security, then the health (mental as well as physical)  and then the wealth of its people.  Since the 1970’s, the British government of whatever hue, has done the exact opposite.  In the slow and silent march towards the New World Order and the One World Government, we have first to evolve into the  one European State.  Great Britain (and France and Spain and Italy etc) will all cease to exist.  One European Super State.  One European currency.  One European Armed Force.  One European Police.  Do you think that I am being over imaginative?  Well I’m sorry but it is already happening.

Why are we fighting wars in Afghanistan and Libya?  Why are empty British military bases in this country being refurbished?  The government is moving us toward another chapter in our history.  A dark chapter.  There is a very great risk that eventually the British people will switch off Eastenders and Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and the rest of the dross that the public is being drip fed, and wake up.  When they take to the streets in earnest, the military will be called in to deal with them.  But of course if our own troops were ordered to fire upon their own people, it is likely that they would refuse.  And of course, our own troops are being killed and maimed in a far off country.  However, if the uniforms behind the guns are Latvian, Polish or Turkish (they will be members soon enough), there will be no such hesitation. 

Polish Battle Tank.

You may well ask “Is there anything that can be done to prevent this from happening”?  The answer is that there is only one way to stop this and that is to remove the government and replace it with good, honest and decent people.  We had the opportunity to do this less than 2 years ago but all the time the British people vote into ‘power’ the Lib/Lab/Con party, the end result is inevitable.  Gone are the days when there was a difference between these parties but today they are all from the same socialist cloth.  Look hard at Cameron, Clegg and Miliband – listen to them speak.  They may as well be clones of each other and for all I know, they may just be that!

I hope and pray that we have the time to spread the word to enough people within the next three years to ensure thatwe can change the system at the next election, if they do not move before then.  I sincerely believe that we will not have another opportunity.  If they do make their move early – well just remember – I did warn you.

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