A short while ago, I posed the question “Who or what poses the greatest threat to this country”?  Thank you all to those who responded with a wide variety of answers, which ranged from Immigration, Our Politicians, Eastenders, the EU, Islamic Extremism, our government and even one joker who suggested me, at least I hope he was joking!

The not so strange thing is of course, that in a way, they were all right, even Eastenders.  Each and every one of those issues do pose a serious threat to the security and/or well being of Great Britain – except me, although you will have to take my word for that.

We are well aware of the problems such as adding to the unemployment figures, placing a huge strain on housing, education and health amongst others, which uncontrolled immigration places upon the infrastructure of the country.  But you have to ask yourselves ‘Who has not only permitted but actively encouraged this to happen’?  The answer is the British government.

The threat to our security from Islamic Extremism is real.  Or is it?  We have experienced one major attack from so called Islamic terrorists which killed a large number of people on the London Transport system.  Since then, our security services have either prevented a large number of attacks or indeed if those attacks did go ahead, they were dismal failures.  The most dramatic of course being the Glasgowairport attack which was still a failure as far as killing innocent people went.  Other ‘attacks’ have resulted in would be bombers simply attempting to explode their bombs on underground trains with the result that the contents of their bomb simply ‘oozed’ out of the obligatory back pack.  A similar fate met would be bombers in Exeterand Bristolwith one Jihadist burning himself rather badly in a restaurant toilet with his ‘bomb’.  The big question here is ‘If the bombers can be so efficient in one attack, how come they are so bumbling in every other attack that manages to creep past our super-efficient security services?

Could the answer be that the 7/7 attack was not down simply to Al-Qaeda but possibly it was organised a lot closer to home? 

The European Union is an undemocratic, blood sucking, left wing dictatorship that forces it’s will on every nation that foolishly belongs to this club.  The whole edifice is corrupt and criminal.  It takes £50 million each and every day (paid fortnightly) from the hard pressed people of this country and gives it to other countries that are not capable of running their own financial affairs.  That’s £17.5 Billion each year that could be spent on our education system, our health system, providing a secure future for our children or a comfortable life for our pensioners.  It has enforced over 11,000 pieces of legislation that forces our fishermen to throw back half of their catches, enables foreign countries to order the arrest of Britons without recourse to our own legal system, dictates how we can buy our grapes and bananas and even tells us how to climb a ladder.  But who allows this to happen?

We get much closer to the truth to what or who is the greatest threat to this country, when we look at out own politicians and the British government.

Not every politician is crooked, there are some honest ones – I’m sure!  Seriously there are a few Members of Parliament who are there out of a sense of duty.  It’s probable that most of them entered politics out of a sense of civic duty but many of them become corrupted along the way.  Few people are strong enough to resist temptation and when that temptation is gilt edged and practically fool proof, is it any wonder that the resolve of even the wealthiest of MP’s collapses as they leap aboard the Gravy Train. 

Some became politicians because of their beliefs and a commitment to serve the people but others do it as a Career Choice.  To a man this variety come from privileged backgrounds with their early years spent at public school and then on to Ox/Bridge.  A few years spent working as a political researcher until they catch the eye of their revered party leader, and then onto the campaign trail in earnest.  Once they prove their worth as a good party MP they will find that they are moved around the country from one constituency to another until they are rewarded with a nice ‘Safe Seat’ and a job for life.  Of course they have to prove their dedication and worth – not to the people that they are supposed to be serving but to their party.

The higher up the ladder, the higher the rewards.  It matters not if their party is in office – or in ‘Power’ as they like to refer to it – they are noticed.  Now it has moved beyond mere party politics and into the real powerbase.  The unelected people who really decide how a country will be run, indeed how a world will be run.  It has been mentioned recently that Rupert Murdoch may be the power behind the throne of number 10 Downing Street.  Whether he is or not I do not know of course because I am not that privileged but it is a possibility.  I would suspect however that Murdoch is only small fry when it comes to ‘owning’ a government as big as the British government.

If that is taken as such, then who is big enough to ‘own’ most European governments and the EU?  You will recognise such names as Rothschild’s, Queen Beatrix of Holland, the CEO of Barclays Bank and others who make of a group of extremely powerful people called the Bilderburg Group.  I recommend that you Google ‘Bilderburg’ if you have no knowledge of them.  Formed in 1954, this group have been working towards one aim since then and that is a One World New Order.

Since the days of Edward Heath, when he betrayed this country by lying to her people when he took us into the then so called Common Market, the leaders of this country have had one aim and that aim is attain as much personal wealth and power as possible.  Since resigning as Prime Minister, Tony Blair has become a multi-millionaire, every where on this planet that he ventures, he is feted and lauded as a great man.  The fact that he is directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in two wars, is completely ignored, most of all by him. 

Blair is far from unique in this aspect unfortunately.  The leaders of all of our main stream political parties are cut from the same cloth.  Most if not all are millionaires.  All are psychopaths without an ounce (sorry milligram) of conscience – they feel no remorse if people die as a result of their plans to gain power and wealth.  The people are there to serve their needs, not the other way around.

Has David Cameron taken us to war to protect Libyan civilians?  He cares not one iota for them.  Does he lose sleep over the horrific deaths to children that his bombs have caused?  I suspect he sleeps the sleep of the innocent.

He lies to us on a daily basis.  He could solve so many problems facing this country with a sweep of his gold pen if he chose but he doesn’t choose.  He chooses instead to enforce onto the peoples of these Isles, a feeling of fear.  Fear that they may lose their jobs, their homes, their pensions, their lives even.  Fear that all that they have worked for may be taken from them in increased costs of petrol, electricity, gas, water and food.

Fear of imminent attack from terrorists, fear of crime, fear of having funding for your health care reduced or even removed.


To escape that fear many, many people immerse themselves in a twilight world of make-believe by submerging their fears in Eastenders or Celebrity Cook Time or some other ‘trash’ television.  Anything to take away the thoughts of the real world.  More people vote in the ‘X-Factor’ show each week, putting even more money into Simon Cowel’s bulging pockets, than vote in a general Election once every 4 or 5 years.

The aim is forGreat Britain to become absorbed by the European Union.  To that end Cameron is dismantling our Armed Forces so that we are dependent upon the EU for our defence.  35,000 police jobs are to go to be replaced by Europol, a European wide police force.  The vast majority of our utilities are already owned by foreign companies.  Hoards of immigrant workers flood into the country taking jobs from indigenous Britons, forcing them to become dependent upon the State.  Grateful to the State for the handouts they are allowed to have.  We will be far too busy fighting to retain what we do have from a surge in the crime wave which will burgeon forth as more and more people realise that there is an ever increasing likelihood that they will get away with their crimes.

And all the while the ‘Elitist’s’ will be sitting comfortably atop the pile, safe and secure in their fortified homes with their security guards to protect them.

Are you helpless in the face of this mighty power?  Must you just allow them to play with your life and the lives of your children?  The answer unfortunately is YES and all you have to do is NOTHING.

But if you want to turn off Eastenders and THINK instead about what is happening, you are starting to turn the tide.

If you want to join the Reisitance and fight back, now is your chance.  Together we can stop them.  Together we can change not only England, not only Great Britain – but potentially the world.  But you must ACT NOW!  Tomorrow is a day wasted.  Next month and it will be more difficult.  Next year and it may be too late.

The REAL BRITS is a focul point for people who have had enough – join us today.