By  Ben Deafdude Weald  16 July 2011


Why do we pay a government to do a job that none of them are capable of??

Let’s look at it logically, if u buy a car and, say, the indicators don’t work u return to the garage and ask them to fix it before you have an accident. If they still…… don’t work u would be quite entitled to ask for a refund, so that u can go elsewhere and purchase a car that does not have faulty indicators.

So why then do we repeatedly elect these accidents waiting to happen, and pay people who r liars, cheats, thieves and completely incapable of solving any of our current economic, social or environmental problems.

Did u know that approximately 90% of the wealth in this country is owned by only about 2% of the population? Which means that they are the minority and we r the majority. So why do we silently let these elite few dictate to us how we live our lives, what we must pay for things and how much of our hard-earned money should go in their pockets?

Did u know that income tax was a short-term measure bought in during the war to aid with the cost of the war? The government think it is ok to keep stuffing more money in their pockets while our purses get emptier.

Why do we mindlessly, unquestionably go about our daily lives letting these people, basically, take the piss out of us. They get a pay rise nearly 30% their annual wage and we get one of 2%!!! Don’t u think there is something wrong here? or am I the only one in the whole of the UK who feels this way??

An example of what we are capable of: –

The Government refuses to lower the tax of petrol, yes? 75% of the price of petrol is tax that goes into the governments pockets. Now imagine this: – if every person who owned a car went on a one day strike the whole country would come to a stand still and the economy would be in complete chaos.WE HAVE THE REAL POWER BECAUSE WE ARE THE MAJORITY!!!

Think about it!!!!!