By Rod Bridger.  The REAL BRITS.  15 July  2011


There is much in the media these days about the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ refering to the western orchestrated unrest in the Middle East.  Undoubtedly some of those who are fighting actually believe that they are doing so for their freedom and I do not intend to go into any details as to whether that oil rich but very sad area of our planet, will benefit the ordinary people or whether they will still be under the yoke of oppression when the bullets stop flying. 

I am referring to Freedom in this country.  For hundreds of years England and the rest of the United Kingdom has been a beacon of freedom to the world.  When other nations have stifled the free speech of their people’s often with extreme violence, it has been recognised that in the UK, you can say what you like, when you like and how you like – just as long as you are not inciting violence.

Britons have been free to criticise their government, their church, even their Monarch if they feel strongly enough about them.  It has been the right of every Englishman to mount a pedestal in their town centre and spout off on any subject that they so wish, often to the enjoyment of a happily entertained audience.  The maximum price paid was an occasional bloody nose when someone else disagreed equally as strongly.

Freedom of Speech has always been defended vigorously in this ‘Sceptred isle’ until now.  BUT NO MORE.

To commemorate the London bombings that took place on 7th July 2005, a group of people gathered in Tavistock Square in London, which was the site of the bomb detonated by a suicide bomber on the top deck of a bus.  Some of the people who attended this quiet and dignified ceremony belonged to an organisation called March for England (MfE), a group of people who celebrate things English, such as St. George’s Day, Armistice Day etc.  Normally they gather and fly their flags and simply enjoy themselves, on this day however it was a very dignified event with no flags just flowers.

When the small ceremony was over, it appears that a small group of friends wanted to catch up with each other as they only normally see each other a few times a year.  Consequently they retired to the infamous Blind Beggar pub in the East End of London, to enjoy a pint of good English Ale.

Alas this was not to be, for suddenly they were joined by a large party of London’s Best.  Apparently there was a gathering of an extremist Islamist group at a near by location and the Metropolitan Police made the decision that 15 people dressed accordingly for a formal memorial service, posed a serious enough threat to the safety of the followers of the ‘Religion of Peace’ to warrant the presence of over 30 heavily equipped Riot police backed up by even more police officers in the streets outside.

All 15 present were arrested whilst quietly enjoying a social gathering, placed in police vans at a ratio of three officers to each person arrested, and taken not to a local police station but to one a considerable distance away in Kent.  It would appear that the police deemed that a group of people in a pub, chatting and socialising were a serious threat and it was necessary for them to be arrested to prevent a serious breach of the peace.  Once they arrived at their far off destination, they were de-arrested and told to go home.  When 2 young females members of the group admitted to the police that they had insufficient money to get home from that location, they were informed that this was not a police responsibility and it was down to them to find their way home!

So there you have it.  If you can now be arrested in the Soviet Republic of England even BEFORE you say or do anything illegal – we can safely assume that FREEDOM IN GREAT BRITAIN IS DEAD.

Freedom comes at a price – it is expensive.  But there are many people in these Isles who will continue to sacrifice their own freedom for the sake of others.  Don’t stand by and just watch – for the sake of your children – fight back.  NOW!