By Rod Bridger 11 July 2011.

The words of a senior police officer reporting on a series of ‘Savage’ attacks on a number of people in a city centre which left one man close to death, by a gang of ‘African’ thugs.  Unfortunately for anyone who was hoping that some common sense had permeated through to our Liberal/Left police service, the policeman in question is from the Guardia (Rep of Ireland Police) and he was reporting on a number of incidents that took place in Dublin fair city.  To muddy the water a little more, these incidents took place last October (2010) but have only just been made public, presumably in the interests of Racial Harmony.  But made public they have been which is a much better record than the British police, who continue to cover up serious sexual offences committed by ‘Asian’ gangs in the fear of upsetting Race Relations and being labelled ‘Racist’.

However, I do indeed have an element of sympathy for our police, because often when I have published an article in which the Religion of Peace has been in the least criticised, I am called a ‘Racist’ by that same Liberal/Left and their cohorts.  I do not have any religious affiliation but I have noticed that if I criticise any other religion I do not receive the same criticisms.  Indeed if I criticise the Jewish faith, I receive plaudits from that same left-wing source.  I find this rather strange because in all honesty, I believe that there is not a great deal of difference between Islam and Zionism.  Both appear to me to be based on intolerance of other faiths and an arrogance that borders on the obscene.

What has inspired these words today is an article that came across my desk from a fellow blogger. The following link   will take you to a less graphic article that covers the same subject as I see no benefit in displaying the horrific pictures and details that are contained in the original piece.  It discusses not only the benefits of various sized stones to be used for stoning people to death in the wonderful state of the ‘Islamic Republic of Iran’, where this primeval method of execution is still sanctioned by the state but also points out that there is a LEGAL size to the required stone.  Too small and not enough damage is done to the victim – too big a stone and death may come too quick.  Compassionate these Arabs aren’t they? I suspect that many readers are already powering up their keyboards to point out that the Iranian government has placed a moratorium on stoning – but the fact is that is still legal, it still  happens to this day, and at least one person is still being held in prison under that sentence. 

There is even a different method for stoning men and women.  Men are buried up to their waist, whereas women are buried up to their chest.  The upside is that should the victim manage to climb from the pit, they MAY (depending on whether a conviction was due to an admission by the accused or whether the presiding judge just reckons they are guilty regardless) be set free.  However under the legal execution system, the victim is placed in a large sack covering their whole body before they are lowered into the pit, and their arms and hands are tied.  The ability to escape from the bonds, sack and pit, whilst under a hail of, the right sized of course, stones would defeat even the efforts of the Great Houdini himself.

“So what about it?” I hear you say, “This is happening in a different world”.  Well, yes that’s right but when you consider that the notorious Muslims Against Crusades are advocating that Dewsbury, Bradford and Tower Hamlets in East London, become Sharia Law compliant

you will understand that that world may not be so very far away from home.  The time to wake up has passed, if you are not aware as to what is happening to your country – it is too late.  It is now time for action.  Whatever your political persuasion it is time for you to visit and start thinking of what sort of a world you are leading your children into.

 The REAL BRITS – We are not being led – we are being herded!