Going Up!

Petrol prices through the roof now at £6.20 per gallon.  Car insurance – 30% increase.  Basic food such as bread, milk eggs etc placing unbearable strain on families.  Electricity, gas and water prices going up even higher.

Going Down!

Wage cuts, wage freezes, cuts to your pension. 

Job losses, house repossessions.

Savings being used to meet everyday expenses.

Health & Welfare

Dirty hospitals.  Torture in our Nursing Homes.  Neglect of our elderly.  Millions reliant upon Welfare payments.

National Security!

Police numbers being cut.  Not just cut but officers with 30 years experience.  Which means that the Police will be even less efficient and even more criminals will get away with their crimes.  The ultimate result is that the people will become so worried by a perceived breakdown in Law & Order, that vigilante law will prevail with the real possibility  of a complete collapse of Law & Order .

Military cut backs even though we are fighting wars on two different fronts, with even more in the offing.  Moral is so low in our Armed Forces that hundreds of the most senior and experienced officers and senior ranks are applying to leave.  At the same time the people at the ‘Sharp End’ are being denied the equipment to do the job as safely as possible and the Generals and Admirals are telling the government that the Armed Forces are close to collapse.  Our pilots are having to learn French and fly French aircraft from French Carriers as a further ‘watering down’ ofBritain’s capability militarily.

We have already experienced two ignominious withdrawals (some say unkindly – retreats) from Helmand and Basra in Iraq and in addition to the governments infatuation with rescuing foreign civilians (sic) in Libya, we appear to be squaring up to Argentina and the Falklands all over again.

And then there is the security situation at home with extremist on every street corner waiting to blow us all to kingdom come.  Thank God we have a government that takes this threat seriously and has installed more CCTV cameras in the UK than even Communist China has.  We are so very much grateful that they can monitor all of our emails and telephone calls; it’s a small price to pay for being kept safe.  We don’t mind being stopped by the police and asked to explain what we are doing.  Big Brother it may be but it’s good to know that our government is doing it for our own good.

 Worry, Worry, Worry.

Practically every day there seems to be something new for us to worry about but at least we are ‘all in it together’ – Aren’t we

After all, our Prime Minister has said so, and he wouldn’t lie to us – would he

He has said that all of the price increases and cuts in services and pensions etc are all necessary and unavoidable, so that must be the case – mustn’t it?

It is affecting the people so badly that every waking moment is spent worrying about what is going to happen next.  Thank the Lord that our government, the people that we put our trust in to look after the nation and her people, are doing their best for us – aren’t they?

Some people say that the rich are getting richer, whilst the rest of us are getting poorer.  That can’t be right – can it? 

Well, yes actually it is!

The truth is that we are NOT ‘All in this together’. 

Do you really think that they care you or your family?  Do they care if you lose your job or even lose your home?  Do they care if it is not safe for you to walk the streets in the daytime let alone at night?

Do you think that they care if your elderly mother is abused, beaten or starved in their ‘Care’ home?  Do they really care if your child is receiving an education that will set them up for their future or whether they end their school days unable to read, write or articulate?

Do they really care if your son, brother, husband or father is lying mutilated in a Birmingham hospital or indeed they came home via Wooten Bassett?

You need to understand that every one of us and that includes you and your children, are incidental to their plans.  It matters not, whether you live or die, indeed they probably would prefer it if you died now.  That way they do not have to pretend that care.  They do not have to pay your pension or your health costs.  They do not have to pay for your children’s education or care.

In their eyes the world is over populated by some 4 Billion people.  They have the wealth and the power all they need is enough people to ensure that they can be kept in the luxury to which they have become accustomed.

The video below is a little over 2 hours long.  It’s not a blockbuster film such as ‘Titanic’ and there is not even an ‘X Factor’ in sight.  What it is, is probably the most important film you have ever watched.  I implore you to invest just 2 and a quarter hours to understand what is happening and why it is happening to this country and to the world.

Please do not be put off by the length of this film, every second of it is really important to YOUR future and the future of YOUR CHILDREN.

When you’ve watched it, think about it – talk about it – get everyone you know to do the same.  It could just save you. 

You  can ignore it of course but don’t complain when it all comes about will you?  It will be too late.