By Rod Bridger

The REAL BRITS is the natural political home for everyone who is alarmed, scared or angry at what is happening to this country.  No matter what your political leanings are, this movement will bring together people from every view point, who have one thing in common.  A love for their country.

Not so many years ago, Great Britain was just that – GREAT!  She had just emerged victorious from a world wide war.  She had stood alone from 1939 to 1942, against the might of Nazi Germany when others had capitulated or signed a fawning peace with the aggressor.  The sheer bloody mindedness of her people and their unshakeable faith in their Island Nation, refused to even contemplate such an agreement with Hitler, even though every other European nation gave in to him.  She won the Battle of Britain alone against overwhelming odds, the single greatest act that set in place and assured the ultimate victory with our partners.  With this single victory the Royal Air Force effectively denied control of European air space to Germany for the remainder of the war.

The Royal Navy commanded every sea and the Merchant Fleet brought the goods from across the Empire to these isles under the protection of the White Ensign, which enabled her to continue the struggle until that victory.

After six years of all out war, Great Britain was battered and she was very bruised BUT she stood undefeated and she stood proud!

It took less than 30 years for the treachery from within, to start the slow insidious betrayal of the birthright of every man, woman and child who fought, died and suffered for this land.  Since the then Prime Minister, Ted Heath, signed the Treaty of Rome in the early 70s, every Prime Minister and senior politician has been complicit in that continued betrayal of our Nation.

The giving away of the Rights of every Englishman under Ancient Law. 

The wholesale destruction of our fishing industry and our manufacturing industry. 

The flooding of our Nation by immigrants who bring nothing to the country with the exception of placing unbearable strain on our Welfare, Health, Education, Housing and Employment systems.  The encouragement of an alien culture designed to further destroy the indigenous culture, customs and laws. 

The destruction of the fabric of traditional British culture of ‘Fair-mindedness’ and even ‘Family Life’. 

The dumbing down and the betrayal of the young people by the introduction of readily available alcohol and drugs and the failing standards of education.

The reliance of huge swathes of the population on the State, through Welfare payments or through public employment.

The waste of lives of the cream of our youth in unnecessary and illegal wars. 

The waste of £100 billions of public money in fighting those wars.  Increasing the wealth of a whole industry built to support those wars.  Who owns those companies?

The imposition of a National Debt that is so huge that the share for each and every family in the country is a massive £300,000.

All to ensure that the Political Elite will be able to control the thinking and the minds of our country for their own perverted benefits and personal wealth and power.

Oh it will be so easy to say that “There is nothing I can do about it.  It is far too big for me to deal with”.  Well thank God that your parents or grandparents did not say that in 1939, because if they had – you would not be here to read this now. 

Now it is your turn to step up and put your head above the parapet – for the sake of YOUR grandchildren.  Otherwise, how will you be able to look them in the eye when they ask you:

 “What did YOU do to try and stop this happening to us Granddad”?