By Rod Bridger

There are two issues at stake here.

Cast your mind back to the Stephen Laurence affair when the Metropolitan Police were described as ‘Institutionally Racist’.  Clearly the situation has changed considerably since those dark days; with the difference today being that the Met is now ‘Institutionally Racist’ against whites!  Further, one of the highest banners flown by the PC Brigade over recent years has been that of homophobia.  Today it appears that, in Tower Hamlets at least, that the Metropolitan Police are really not interested in you if you are white – or worse still, white and gay!  Unless of course, you are the one who has committed an offence, and then no doubt, they will come down on you like a ton of bricks.

The other, and probably more important issue at task here, is the way that the London Borough of Tower Hamlets is being converted into an Islamic Republic.

Sharia Law is hardly ‘Creeping’ in this large section of our capital city – it is galloping.  Citizens are afraid to walk the streets even in the day time.  Local businesses are intimidated and threatened to the extent that they fear for their safety and have to close up shop and move away.  Women who commit the heineous crime of not wearing the hijab or, heavens forbid wear a skirt that shows too much leg, are ‘spoken too’ by the would be religious police. Teachers are not allowed to carry out their duties without the fear of being viciously attacked and beaten to within an inch of their lives, or at best intimidated into accepting conditions that are imposed upon them by extremists from an alien culture.

Is this restricted to the indigenous white population?  No it is not!  This is not an issue of Race.  It is a political campaign by members of an extreme arm of Islam to impose their law, their ways on every inhabitant of Tower Hamlets, whether they are white English, Asian or any hue under the sun.  Law abiding Muslims, ordinary people who just want to get on with their lives free from the barbaric, ignorant and primitive way of life that these people are imposing upon them, are under threat.

In all honesty, what can they do about it when even the British Establishment and the Metropolitan Police allow these evil people to flourish?  Dare they speak up against it when the response would at best be a beating?  Or do they just try to keep their heads down?  When the supposed custodians of the law, the Metropolitan Police ignore complaints from the victims because they do not want to appear ‘RACIST’, what chance to they have?  When law-abiding citizens are put in fear because of the reluctance of the police to do their duty, there is something very wrong indeed with the Police Service and with their political masters.

This is the culture involved.  In their homelands, massive crowds are seen in praise of whichever despot is running their country today.  Well, to be honest, I might even get out and wave a banner if I had a gun at the back of my children’s heads!

So what is to be done?  This actually brings us to the THIRD issue at stake here.  It is clear that the British government are, at best reluctant, to grasp the mettle of this, and at worst, are deliberately turning a blind eye to it!  One thing is clear however, and that is if this behaviour is allowed to continue unabated, this will be the future of England

A future where ANY person of any colour or of any religion who does not bow and succumb to the ‘Mighty Allah’ (‘Peace’ be upon himPeace – Really?) will face extermination.  ANY person who fails to comply with their version of the perversion that is Sharia Law will face being whipped in public by the Religious Police or even being stoned to death!  ANY person who does not fit their evil vision of the norm, such as members of the gay community will face death.  Incidentally, the traditional method of execution for being gay is to be thrown off a cliff, although in the Islamic Republic of Iran they prefer to kill people by placing a noose around the neck and raising them on a crane jib until they slowly strangle to death!

Is it not strange that the ONLY people, who are doing their very best to stop this advance of Islamification of England and the implementation of this vile system about to be imposed on this country, are people such as the English Defence League and the March for England movement?   Both of which are groups of ordinary English people who are reviled by our lefties media.  They may be a bit rough around the edges but they are prepared to nail their flag (the Cross of St George naturally) to the mast and take to the streets to protest at what they perceive as the destruction of England.  They are the only people who do their best to wake up the British people from their government induced slumber and make them aware that time is rapidly running out for them and their children.

Their reward is to be reviled by the subservient British media as Right Wing Extremists and Fascist Thugs.  The same slothful media, including the BBC who are too lazy to investigate fully what is happening and what alternatives there are to save the country.  Because, make no mistake about this, if it were not for people such as these who put their feet where their hearts are – on the streets – the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF GREAT BRITAINISTAN is only a short step away.

Unless it is actually true that the British government and their lickspittle lap-dogs who run their propaganda machine, are actually working for the overthrow of the British State – to be replaced by an Islamic dictatorship, it really is time for the liberal/left controlled media of this country to throw off the shackles and stand up and be counted, speak for their country whilst they still have the opportunity to do so.  To fail to do so will show that they are as bad as the Unite Against Fascists (a cover for their Marxist Communist masters) and other traitors who are determined to bring about their own version of a Soviet Britain using the guise of Islam.

The REAL BRITS – Speaking for the silent majority.!