By Rod Bridger

David (call me Dave) Cameron stands charged with the most serious of crimes it is possible to commit.  The crime of TREASON.


 Cameron is responsible for handing control of theUK’s borders to a foreign power.  He is responsible for reducing the ability of our Armed Forces to protect those borders from outside aggression.  Perhaps from the same foreign power that now controls our borders!

 This nation is at risk.  It is at risk from outside aggression and it is at risk from TRAITORS within.  There is no other word to describe the actions of this man.  A man that the British people trusted to defend and protect us.

 Despite our military’s inability to conduct an affective campaign inAfghanistan due to not enough boots on the ground and not having the right equipment to enable those boots to either fight a war or even protect themselves – he takes our country into another war!  For what reason does he risk the lives of even more British troops, other than for personal gain?  It is said that his ‘hero’ Tony Blair has received something in the region of £40 million since taking our forces intoIraq.  That, and the kudos with other countries that he believes will catapult him onto the world stage, is what drives him to risk other people’s lives.

 At the same time that he savagely destroys the ability of the country to defend herself, he again attempts to ensure his reputation as a ‘jolly good chap’ by ring fencing the Foreign Aid budget.  The Commonwealth Development Corporation which is the responsible Quango, can afford £700 dinners and £350 taxi fares, whilst they shovel money to places like China and India, countries that do not need or even want the money.  Nobody can deny that there is severe poverty in the African sub continent, but that was the case more than 30 years ago when we started pouring money into it.  So where has it all gone?  That’s the problem, we do not know because there are no checks.  Many African leaders have done very nicely thank you.  The people may be starving but the dictators are living in luxury – paid for by you!  Perhaps they have invested in property inDubai, as has President Karzai ofAfghanistan with his £90 million portfolio.

 Do you know anyone who has been killed or maimed in that excuse for a country?

Polish Battle Tank

If this does not make you very angry, then Cameron, Brown, Blair and their evil gangs have won.  This country is doomed.  YOU must take some responsibility and YOU must open your eyes – before you wake up and find Polish tanks inParliament Square.

Get Angry.  Support the Real Brits.