The REAL BRITS – The Voice of the Silent Majority

If you listen to our politicians you will hear them say that crime is declining. If you listen to any of our ‘Politically Correct Useful Idiots’ you will hear the same message. Time and time again they quote “Reported” Crime Figures Are Down Again”. But for the rest of us who live in the ‘REAL’ world, it seems to be that things are not quite as they would have us believe.  So who is right – the High and Mighty or your own instincts?


 The warning bells begin to tinkle when you read the above statement a little closer and note the use of the word ‘Reported’. It may indeed be correct that ‘Reported’ crime is down but how many people have you heard say “Report it? It’s a waste of time. Nothing is ever done about it”. So many people have lost confidence in our criminal justice system that when they suffer what is euphemistically called ‘minor’ crime in particular, they see little sense in reporting it to the police for investigation. In some parts of our major cities gun law rules. Guns are easily available to the criminal fraternity and I don’t mean air guns.  Assault rifles and sub machine guns ARE on the streets of our country. Gangs of thugs rule the streets whilst our police service ponders ‘Health & Safety’ rules before they can consider becoming involved.

 An innocent child along with her uncle are caught in the cross fire between two gangs in South London. The child is still seriously ill as I write this. The victims families originate from Sri Lanka and now the Tamil Tigers are also involved. The police admit that there are 50 armed gangs in the South London area!

 Why is this permitted? A young woman from Bath goes missing, her frozen body is found on Christmas Day. Another young woman from Swindon is found murdered and a vigilante mob pursues the Police van Containing the alleged killer. What has happened to Innocent until proven Guilty, which used to be such a strong aspect of English law and life?

 A young man from Hastings in Sussex, is released from prison after his conviction for murdering a vicar,

dismembering him and dumping the body parts around East Sussex, was overturned after it was decided that it was an unsafe conviction. Just a few months later, the same young man is charged with another murder, that of a supermarket worker.

 Every week the media reports another killing of a young man, usually in gang related incidents, on the streets of London. So common place are these killings that the reports are buried deep in the local rag somewhere on page six. Then there are the ‘High Profile’ crimes such as the two little girls so cruelly killed by Ian Huntley. The Cumbrian killer Derrick Bird killed 12 people before taking his own life. Some of the injured had to wait up to 8 ½ hours in agony and bleeding before the medics and police would attend to them, because of ‘Elf & Safety’. At least one person died because of this delay. I could go on but I fear it would make me so depressed that I may very well add to the suicide figures. You all know of many other cases, and this is just murder! How many people are stabbed by others who carry knives as a matter of course?

 A sexual predator who was released just half way through a nine-month prison sentence for offences against children and had previously served two other prison sentences for similar offences, went on to rape a seven-year old boy and sexually assault his four-year old brother, in a McDonald’s restaurant.

Another paedophile is set free by a judge who decided that although he had downloaded scores of videos

including one of a five-year old being raped whilst handcuffed, he should be set free. In a different case, a drug dealer is caught red-handed with £50,000 worth of cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy….and is set free by another judge.

 Why is this happening in a nation that used to pride itself on its manners and standards? Of course there have always been people who are quick to settle a score with sharp violence, and there always will be. All too often today however, a disagreement is settled by the use of violence, so frequently with the use of weapons, but why?

 Old Labour started the rot with liberal ideas to water down the criminal justice system. I’m not sure what the

intention was but it certainly didn’t have the effect of making the criminal classes feel so much gratitude towards them that they gave up their criminal careers! Over all of these long years, the police have been turned from a service whose duty and task was to help and protect the public – from the ‘Bobby’ on the street to ‘Robo Cop’ complete with body armour and automatic weapons.

 We have gone from the lone ‘Bobby’ on foot patrol of his beat area, where he would talk to the people and check the security of the shop doors at night, helping to create in the minds of the people a perception of a sense of security – to a reactionary force that speed around with blue lights flashing and sirens blaring en route to an incident that has already happened and their arrival will achieve nothing towards preventing a crime from being committed as it has already occurred. The police have moved from serving the community – to controlling the community, yet despite this the chances of actually getting caught by the Police are definitely in favour of the criminal. (

 Ask the people what their main concerns are about Law & Order however, and murder and mayhem will probably not be their first choice. Yobs, drunks, noise and (that wonderful phrase) Anti Social Behaviour, will be their first and most important choice. The stuff that makes, or ruins the quality of life for ordinary people. We have all seen CCTV footage of feral kids running wild over people’s cars and throwing rubbish bins, indeed it is just one such incident that led one young father who had simply had enough and instead of cowering behind the curtains and hoping that the police would eventually arrive, went out to challenge the little darlings on his own. He paid the ultimate price and when the police did arrive, the blood had stopped pumping from the knife wound and he was dead.

 In the rare event of a criminal actually getting to court and in the rarer event of a guilty verdict being reached, we arrive at the sentencing. A fine that is imposed by the Courts on a young person, who has no respect for themselves let alone for their victim or indeed the law, is a total waste of time. It will probably not be paid! And nothing will be done about that! It’s cheaper to write it off. Likewise with Community Service. There is little – to no follow-up if a miscreant does not wish to get out of bed.

 So what about prison, the ultimate deterrent? The Justice Minister has decided that he does not want

so many people in prison. Three prisons are to be closed and one more sold off to the private sector. The

possibility of receiving a custodial sentence is even more remote. 

 Should a villain by some remote possibility actually be sent to prison for more than a few hours, what is he likely to expect? Certainly the days of uniforms with bold arrows and porridge for dinner have long gone. Today, prisoners have human rights, something that they had no difficulty in denying their victims! As a result a prisoner is allowed to wear his own clothes. He has access to a telephone to call his family. He can have creature comforts in his cell – sorry room. He has three good meals a day plus hot drinks, libraries, access to lawyers, paid work, hobbies, TV and radio in his ‘room’, even computers, frequent showers, medical staff on call, en suit facilities and the government is even considering ordering the prison staff to refer to the convict with the salutation of Mr, Miss, Ms or Mrs depending on their preference. Remember Human Rights?

 Prisons are awash with drugs, and I don’t mean an aspirin from the doctor, alcohol is readily available, mobile phones are not difficult to come by and operate from within the prison. Some gang members use them to direct their outside criminal operations from the comfort of their suite. Others use mobile phone and the internet to intimidate their victims which of course serves to increase the sentence that is being served by them. Many people have a better quality of life inside than they do in their normal day to day-to-day life. They are happier with the structure and the security that a prison life offers them and will not take into account the anxiety of their victim. It is almost a win – win for the criminal.

 Alcohol is one of the biggest scourges of modern society. Under-age drinking. Town centre ‘No-Go’ areas.

Violence. Disgusting filth and disgusting behaviour on the streets. Unacceptable pressure on the NHS. Unacceptable and unnecessary pressure on the police.  When was the last time you took a leisurely stroll through your local town centre on a Friday evening to do some window shopping and maybe enjoy a quiet drink at a local hostelry? If your town centre, or even your local parade of shops, is similar to the majority in this country, it is a heaving mass of drunken fights, shouting and swearing, unconscious bodies, piles of vomit and pools of urine – and that is just the girls!!! Certainly not ‘polite company’.

 Once was the time when anyone who wanted to buy alcohol, was restricted to the pub or the off license. 

In addition, the hours when these establishments were open for sales was also restricted. Alcohol today is much too freely available and far too cheap. Cheap ‘booze’ is readily available from supermarkets. These establishments use the attraction of cheap sales of alcohol as a ‘loss leader’ to attract shoppers. The local ‘corner shop’ is a ready source of alcohol sales and although there obviously are some responsible shop owners, equally there are a number of irresponsible ones, who will readily sell cheap booze to under-age people. Most outlets are open for business from ‘early till late’. 

 The civil disorder on the streets places a huge responsibility onto the police. There is also a heavy demand made upon the NHS Accident & Emergency Dept. of most hospitals. Whereas police officers are well used to and trained in dealing with violent and abusive drunks, it is totally unacceptable that doctors and nurses are sometimes attacked by the very people they are trying to help.

 So what went wrong? Fewer police on the street? The loss of the contact between the community and ‘their’ police officer? A conscious switch by the Police to move from a Preventative role to a Reactive role? The loss of respect for our law enforcers? The general failure of respect for the law or for the community as a whole? Poor education levels? There is not one simple answer to this question it is a combination of many years of abuse of our way of life but it can be mended. The assault on our traditional pubs by lakes of booze available much more cheaply that a pub could ever hope to meet, removes from the equation the one self policing facet of this problem that we have – The pub landlord. The person who effectively welcomes the drinker into his home and relies on his good name with the authorities to continue trading. As more and more traditional pubs are forced to close, so the situation will deteriorate further.

 Surely this is not right and should be stopped?


For far too long, the British government has been playing politics with English Justice. Despite the massive

resources that have been poured into the Justice system over the last 20 years we have been reduced to where our own courts are not able to administer justice as it was intended to be by parliament and as it is longed-for by the English people. Scottish Law is the responsibility of the Scottish Parliament, not the British.

Today the offender is as much a victim as is the subject of the crime. The offender needs to be understood and helped. He needs to be shown that there is more to life than crime and as a result, money is thrown at the criminal in the form of counselling, trips to the seaside and in many cases, overseas holidays. More time and effort is put into caring for the offender than is spent on helping the victim!

 Victims have ‘ Rights’. Criminals forfeit their ‘Rights’ when they commit a crime!

 The PHOENIX is determined that this situation will be reversed and that the Rule of Law will prevail on the streets of our country. The PHOENIX will ensure that those streets will return to the ownership of the people and not to the thug or the criminal. The PHOENIX will ensure that the people will feel safe in their own homes.

 The PHOENIX will send the message to the criminal that crime will NOT pay. Of course, there will unfortunately always be people who will break the law, however they will understand that should they insist in continuing with that career choice, they WILL be caught by the Police, they WILL face the courts and they WILL be punished.

 Should they commit an offence that justifies a custodial sentence, they can rest assured that they WILL be sent to prison. They can also be assured that their stay in prison will NOT be a soft option. Prison will be a punishment.

How does the PHOENIX intend to achieve these aims?


 _ Cuts to the ‘front line’ police officers will be stopped.

  • _ Savings will be made by cutting support staff non-jobs such as ‘Equalities Manager’ etc.
  • _ ALL police officers will be ‘front line’ officers and not desk bound.
  • _ Emphasise will be placed on restoring an effective Community Policing system.
  • _ A return to the ‘Bobby’ on the beat.
  • _ Quality of Life and Anti Social Behaviour issues will be a priority.


 Sovereignty of all British courts currently belongs to the EU and legislation is simply enforced by the British legal systems.

  • The PHOENIX will restore sovereignty to the British courts.
  • English Common Law will be restored.
  • English courts will be independent of politics.
  • The duty of the Criminal Courts will be to enforce the law and punish wrong doers.
  • Minimum sentences for serious offences will be set by parliament and will be enforced by the  courts.


 The recent practise of the semi-legalising of drug use will be reversed. Drug abuse is extremely  costly to the nation and every effort will be included to drastically reduce illegal use of drugs.

  •  Persons committed of carrying drugs (currently described as ‘for personal use’) will receive a suspended prison sentence for a first offence.
  •  The offender will be placed on a rehabilitation and detox programme.
  •  A second offence will result in a mandatory custodial sentence during which the offender will undergo a compulsory detox programme.
  •  Further offences will earn a mandatory two-year custodial sentence. A rehabilitation and detox programme will be included.
  •  Persons convicted of supplying drugs will receive a mandatory minimum five-year custodial sentence (suggested).
  •  Repeated convictions will receive increased prison sentences in five-year (suggested) increments.


 The tax system will be used to reduce the amount of cheap alcohol available.

  • Tax will be heavily increased on ‘Off Sales’.
  • The number of ‘Off-licence’ premises will be reduced.
  • Tax discounts will be provided for ‘traditional’ public houses and restaurants.
  • The Licensing system will be overhauled to allow a much more flexible approach for Local Authorities to withdraw an Alcohol Licence.
  • Penalties for selling to under-age people will be strictly enforced by the courts


 Prison is first and foremost an establishment of punishment. Whilst it is not intended to return to the days of cruelty or brutality within the Prison Service, discipline within prisons will be enforced.

  • Inmates will be expected to comply with standing rules and regulations.
  • Prisoners uniform will be reintroduced.
  • Inmates will be offered the chance of rehabilitation and employment training as a serious attempt to break the cycle of crime and prison.
  • TV’s, computers and electronic/digital games will not be allowed in cells.
  • Mobile telephone electronic blocking systems will be installed in all prisons rendering mobile phones useless within the confines of the prison complex.
  • Dogs trained in drug detection will interrogate all visitors to the complex. To emphasise the point this will include all visitors including staff and other officials.
  • Alcohol will obviously not be permitted.
  • Random and regular breath testing will take place to ensure alcohol is not present.
  • Regular testing will take place for the detection of drug consumption.
  • Contravention of Prison Regulations will result in the removal of privileges. This will be operated on a sliding scale, depending on the severity of the offence.

 Prison Staff:

 The Home Office will ensure that there are sufficient trained Prison Officers to ensure the safe day-to-day management of prison establishments.

  • The Home Office will ensure that there is a trained Public Order Team in each region. This team will be responsible for containing and quelling any disturbance without recourse to the police.
  • The closure of existing prisons will be reversed.
  • New prisons will be built to ensure that there is sufficient accommodation to house the number of            prisoners sentenced by the courts.

 Crime & Punishment:

             Punishment will fit the crime.

            Minor crimes may be dealt with within the community via Community Service etc. The type of task carried   out   will be litter clearing and associated projects. Offenders will wear High Visibility  clothing specifically intended to identify them as offenders. The intention will be to deter, especially the younger offender from offending.

  • Where property has been damaged, the offender will make reparations to the victim in addition to any sentence passed by the Courts.
  • Parents will be held responsible for the criminal behaviour of their children.
  • Unpaid fines or costs set by the Courts that are not paid within the prescribed period of time, will result in offenders having their property removed and sold to meet these costs.
  • If the offender is employed, the fine will be taken directly from his salary.
  • Those on benefits will have the fine taken directly from source.
  • Fines will be paid!
  • More serious crimes will result in a custodial sentence.
  • Crimes involving violence will earn an automatic prison sentence.
  • Crimes involving guns, knives or any weapon will earn a minimum sentence period.
  • Crimes in which a weapon is used against a person and/or causes injury will result in a minimum prison sentence prescribed by parliament.

 Death Penalty:

 A referendum will be held on the reintroduction of the death penalty for Premeditated Murder.

  • The use of a weapon which results in a death during the commission of a crime will be considered as premeditated murder.
  • The Courts will be allowed discretion in proven cases of ‘Crimes of Passion’.

 It really is about time that this situation was brought to a stop!  This country MUST be rescued from the clutches of the Left and its allies.  For nearly twenty years they have been overseeing the slow but steady destruction of our once great nation.  Today the United Kingdom is not only almost bankrupt thanks to the actions of politicians in which we had placed our trust but we are also a laughing-stock on the world scene.

 It was hoped that with the demise of New Labour that the situation would slowly change for the better but the truth is that we again have a government that is determined to sell the country out to foreign nations and a Prime Minister that is almost a clone of the last but one Prime Minister, a socialist who is determined to make his place in history using the same strategy as Blair by taking the country to war!

 And waiting quietly in the wings, waiting oh so quietly for it all to come crashing down, is a Labour Party that is far more to the left it would not be out-of-place in the old Kremlin.  Waiting to impose a form of Socialism on the UK that we have never, ever witnessed before. 

it’s not rocket science – it’s common sense.

  The Phoenix is Rising

It’s Not Rocket Science – It’s Common Sense!

 you can do something for your country today – pass this on to as many people as possible.