Forrest Gump may have been right when he said that “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”, but if he had been talking about our political system he may have said “British politics is like a Carousel, it just goes round and round.  You always know what you’re gonna get”.

A merry-go-round from a Labour government to a Tory government (sometimeseven  with a Lib/Dem input), then back to a Labour government – and so on so and on and……. from ‘Tax and spend’ to ‘Cuts and more cuts’ and then back to ‘Tax and spend’.  It’s all so predictable!  The colour may change but little else.  We now have a coalition government that nobody voted for.  The worst of all worlds! 

Oh, they may fiddle around the edges and change the tax regimes up or even down a little but never, ever enough to actually do any good to the people who really suffer at the handsof these ‘Elite’ few who have only ever led a privileged existence of wealth with all of the trappings and advantages that such a life style brings. Privileges such as a ‘jolly good’ public school education, followed by jobs for the boys within the establishment, followed by a safe and secure seat in parliament.

Not for them the lottery of the state education system with it’s over crowded classes andnon English speaking classmates.  Not for them the fear of being admitted to hospital for a minor operation and leaving in a coffin.  Or being starved of care or even food or water by nurses or doctors who are unable to make themselves understood.  Not for them the ice cold fear of losing their job and then their homes through no fault of their own but thanks to the actions of those privileged few who make the decisions that affect the lives of so many millions of real people.   Not for them even the same tax regulations as the rest ofus! 

Some things never change – well not for the better anyway.  Our politicians were soappalled by the expenses crisis that they rewrote the whole rule book to ensure that such fiddles would never happen again.  They can now claim for much more than previously, therefore there is no need for them to fiddle!  Duck House anyone?

It has long been said of the three major parties that it is not possible to place a cigarette paper between them and that the only way to tell the difference is by the colour of their ties.  At the last election, the people made their views very clear.  No one party gained enough votes to form a government on its own.  When you consider the damage that had been caused by the previous government, it should have been a straight win for the Tories.  But the truth of the matter is that the people had no confidence in either party.  The sad result is that we end up with the worst of all worlds, a coalition government.  A coalition which requires both parties to stand on their heads with regards to their manifestos.  To betray their basic beliefs for the chance of power.  To betray their supporters and the nation.  All for the promise of ‘power’.  I just hope it was worth it.The Conservative party has betrayed a huge swathe of its supporters.  Promises broken, commitments reneged on, supporters betrayed.  Supporters whose only reason for voting for them is because they simply cannot bring themselves to vote for Labour.  Others who feel so betrayed by the party to whom they have given perhaps many years of loyalty that they would prefer not to cast a vote at all or at worst will cast a strong protest statement by voting for such parties as the British National Party.

How many Lib Dem supporters actually believed Nick Clegg when he and his party signed the pledge and promised to cut student fee’s only to have their party not only renege on their commitment but to actually double those fee’s?   An almost obscene selling of their soul for the chance of a taste of power.  A pity that the party leader then forgets he is in charge of the nation! 

How many former Labour supporters know that the responsibility for them losing their job and maybe much more, lay firmly at the door of New Labour.  Their own party, the party that is also responsible for destroying whole areas of the State education system and for setting new standards within the NHS, standards that unfortunately are so low that patients have actually starved to death in English Hospitals. Their own party which is responsible for the appalling situation the country is in and has put the coalition government in the   position where it feels it has to slash deep and hard into the country’s infrastructure. 

British politics are broken; indeed they are more than just broken, they have crashed andburned.  The experiment has failed.  Ever since the end of the Second World War, this country has declined in wealth, stature and self-respect.  But need it always be like this?  Must we always ride the carousal of British politics?  We need a political system that will serve the interests of the country and of the people.  A political system that represents the people it serves and does not self-serve the elite in their positions of privilege.  A political system that will put this country first above all others.

Yes, our politics have crashed and burned but just like the Phoenix rising from the ashes of a failed experiment, a whole new and redefined political movement is born.  A political system that will serve the country and her people not the elite. A political movement that will put this country first, above all others. 

 It is time for our politics to be redefined!  It is time for the future!

It is time for the Phoenix to rise from the ashes!  A truly democratic movement that is not responsible to the privileged and elitist leaders who pontificate from within their lofty towers of power, with little to no understanding of how the ‘real’ people live.  People who understand that it is wrong that people should die because of neglect or filth in ourhospitals.  People who understand that it is wrong that the government can see no wrong in allowing our elderly to be abused in the last days of their lives.

People who understand that it is wrong that criminals should NOT be punished for their crimes and who understand that crime WILL increase on our streets with the reduction in the number of front line police officers.

People who understand that it is wrong to strip the defenses of our nation during a period when our country is more at risk than we were in 1940.  People who understand that today it is wrong to send the cream of our young people to fight wars that are of no concern to thiscountry.  Wars that have costs the lives of hundreds of the cream of the nations future and £Billions on futile political wars that are being fought purely for personal political gain but at the same time throwing thousands of our hero’s onto the scrap heap – when they’ve finished fighting for their country of course!

People who understand that it is wrong that so many of our children are allowed to finish their education without the ability to read, write and communicate well enough to even be considered for employment.  People who understand that it is wrong for our young people to be condemned to a bleak future of unemployment.

Politics can be redefined.  The Phoenix is rising!  A movement of Common Sense.  A movement of ‘Real’ people with ‘Real’ lives.  A movement that embraces people from all aspects of the political spectrum.  A ‘Free’ movement that has no Party Whip to follow but will follow what the people want – not what the Party want!  A political home for those who are disillusioned with their old parties.  A political home for those who are sick and tired of being treated with utter contempt by those that consider themselves our betters but should consider themselves our servants!

There is so much wrong with our society and it has been so for too long and I am sure that you the reader can add many other wrongs to this list.  But little to nothing is ever done to really make a difference.

It really is about time that this situation was brought to a stop!  This country MUST be rescued from the clutches of the Left and its allies.  For nearly twenty years they have been overseeing the slow but steady destruction of our once great nation.  Today the United Kingdom is not only almost bankrupt thanks to the actions of politicians in which we had placed our trust but we are also a laughing stock on the world scene.

It was hoped that with the demise of New Labour that the situation would slowly change for the better but the truth is that we again have a government that is determined to sell the country out to foreign nations and a Prime Minister that is almost a clone of the last but one Prime Minister, a socialist who is determined to make his place in history using the same strategy as Blair by taking the country to war!

And waiting quietly in the wings, waiting ever so quietly for it all to come crashing down, is a Labour Party that is so far to the left it would not be out of place in the old Kremlin.  Waiting quietly to impose a form of Socialism on the UK that we have never, ever witnessed before in this country.

It is not just time to stop the rot to throw out the old and welcome the new; it is time to save the country. 

The Phoenix is Rising


It’s Not Rocket Science – It’s Common Sense! 

 You can do something for your country today –

pass this on to as many people as possible.