The results of a recent poll show that a major concern of the British public is immigration.  One very surprising aspect of this poll was that it was carried out on behalf of the ‘Searchlight’ magazine, which is a Far Left publication supported by such erstwhile organisations as the Unite Against Fascists (UAF) and of course the Labour Party.  For very nearly the past 20 years it has been totally taboo and ‘verboten’ to openly discuss the subject of immigration, with the clarion call of ‘RACIST’ being directed at anyone who dare try and raise the subject.  But now bizarrely, partly thanks to the Left, the subject has been brought into the open.  I will still be called a ‘Racist’ of course, but I know that I am not.  Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the Poll however, is that the same majority of British people would happily support a far right political party as long as they were not extremist towards immigrants.  This admission was a major embarrassment to the Left.

What is wrong with Immigration? 

Actually there is nothing wrong with immigration per se.  Indeed throughout history,immigrants have landed on these shores and made their home in these Isles.  From Roman times these lands have absorbed Vikings, Angles, Saxon, Norman, Huguenots, Jews, Asians and many more.  Some of the arrivals were indeed very unfriendly; others came here for sanctuary from persecution and others because we invited them to come to help rebuild our economy.  It is a fact that we shall always need immigration to keep our nation a well balanced and prosperous one.  There are certainly not many people in England who can say that their blood is ‘pure’.  To my own knowledge, my own family has French, German and Irish blood mixed in, and that is just what I know about!  

The important word here is ‘ABSORBED’.  All of these ‘incomers’ were eventually absorbed into English society.  Obviously it took longer for those who came here to conquer, but eventually through cross marriage and breeding, even the Normans became ‘English’.  Others made a conscious decision to adopt England as their home and blended in with English society as best they could.  The host country has never made demands on incomers to forget their own cultures or traditions indeed it has welcomed them and in some cases it has helped the incomer celebrate their traditions, Chinese New Year being a prime example.  (From a personal view point, I help celebrate their foods!).  The incomer, although enjoying their old ways, has always accepted that English society is the dominant society and has never sought to impose their ways on the host nation.  Generally it has worked very well – until now!        

We now have two distinctly different types of immigration in this country today.  One, ourpoliticians have chosen to use as a political weapon in an attempt to ensure that thegovernment of the day could remain in power, and the other is a form of immigration over which the British Government has no control whatsoever.

Let us look at the latter first of all.  The United Kingdom is a member of the European Union.  As such we have to obey the rules that are laid down by the bureaucrats in Brussels.  Those bureaucrats have decreed that labour has free movement across borders within the community.  Obviously this works both ways and there are a relatively few Britons who have moved to other states within the Union.  Unfortunately with the joining of eastern European countries that formally formed part of the old Soviet Bloc, many hundreds of thousands of Poles, Latvian, Belarusian and others have swamped into the UK.  Other European states imposed strict controls on the admittance of these peoples to their own lands but the British Labour government simply threw the doors wide open, and nobody was more surprised when we were suddenly inundated with these people, than were the government! 

The other form of immigration was the deliberate decision made by the Labourgovernment to throw the door wide open again and allow into the country practically anyone who wanted to come here.  Even those who could not do so legally were treated incredibly leniently, with little effort to repatriate illegal immigrants to their own home countries.

The coalition government says that it is going to close the door and prevent the flood of immigration from non EU countries into the UK.  But still the tidal wave sweeps against our shores.  Still the coaches travel every night to the channel ports to collect the day’s new arrivals.  On board the coaches are officials to give advice about how to claim their benefits and how to obtain housing, cars etc.  The police will occasionally arrest illegals when they come across them as they travel the length and breadth of our fine land.  They are taken to the nearest police station where their details are recorded.  They are then issued with a cup of tea and a map showing the way to the nearest Home Office centre and sent on their way.  Nobody appears surprised when the illegals disappear into thin air and are never seen again!

And remember, despite the fine words from David Cameron, the British government has NO control whatsoever with regards to immigrants from within the European Union

The buzz word was ‘multiculturism’, which was a deliberate attempt by the government to allow immigrant society ‘equal’ status with the indigenous ethnic society and it was more than successful.  It has succeeded to the level where ‘Englishness’ has been denigrated to a position where English people are ashamed to say that they are English.  Where certain sections of the immigrant community have been elevated to a position where they are able to dictate to the majority as to how society should be conducted.

Whereas until recently the majority of incomers made a conscious effort to integrate into the indigenous society, the influx of Muslims has done nothing of the sort.  It has made a conscious effort to do just the opposite.  Instead of integrating into our society these people have created ‘mini states’ insisting on separating themselves from the English community by choice – this is wrong.  Local Authorities do everything they can to encourage and support this creation of what used to be called ‘Ghettos’, even allowing for street name signs to be erected in their own language.  The domes and minarets of numerous mosques are being allowed to change the face of England for ever.

A visit to the East End of London, Birmingham, Bolton, Luton or many other parts of this realm will confirm that these areas are much more like ‘Down Town’ Karachi than England. 

Freedom of speech has been a long held and cherished British practice.  Speakers Corner at Hyde Park in London and even the ‘snug’ at the local pub, has been where Britons have discussed the issues of the day, freely and openly.  And as long as nothing criminal was said, and with the exception of the occasional bloody nose, everybody has been happy with this system for hundreds of years.  Until now

Ably supported by the ‘useful idiots’ of the far left, Muslims are demanding that we change our ways and ‘respect’ Islam.  In other words we must not criticise Islam in any way whatsoever.  It is perfectly in order for Islamic activists to burn copies of the Holy Bible, as well as many, many other atrocities around the world but all it takes is for one obscure preacher in the backwoods of the Southern States of America with a huge following of almost 50, yes 50 and that’s being generous as they are mostly his family, actually burns a copy of the Qu’ran.  All hell breaks across the Muslim world with members of the United Nations being beheaded in Afghanistan and Christians being murdered in their churches in Indonesia.  The interesting thing to note here is that the person being held responsible for these terrible crimes, is not the vicious and evil thugs who wielded the knives but the nutty preacher.

In the UK, Muslims expect the vast majority of the population to amend their ways and not to criticise Islam or even comment on it unless it is to praise it.  Please follow this link:

The Holy Book of Islam, the Qu’ran calls on every ‘good’ Muslim to work towards Islam dominating the world.  Indeed, it is this proclamation that places this country at such risk.  As great a risk as the nation was in 1940!  Perhaps even greater than those dark days, as there were not up to 3 million Nazi troops already in the country in 1940.

The demands that the admittance of more than 3 million Muslims place upon the infrastructure of the country pales into insignificance against the greater threat to the security of the nation.  That is not to say that those demands are trivial!  Over £3m per year for translation services alone.  Overcrowding of school class rooms.  The extra demands on the teachers’ time for non English speakers and the effort expended to educate children who have never received a formal education.  The demands on housing.  The demands placed upon our health service with diseases being reintroduced that we thought we had eradicated.

Allowing the setting up of a separate system of law for Islam is wrong.  Sharia Law is a primitive system of law that is based in the 14th century.  It firmly identifies women as the property of the male.  For example it states clearly that should a woman be raped, it is the woman’s fault.  To prove otherwise, requires the woman to have four separate witnesses on her behalf (male of course).  A male may divorce his wife but a wife cannot divorce her husband.  Sharia law in its extreme permits the whipping in public of women who are improperly dressed, and even the stoning to death of wives who have been accused of adultery.  A 29 year old Australian woman working in the Gulf States was gang raped by four work colleagues.  When she reported the crime to the authorities she was arrested and spent the next eight months in prison on a charge of having sex outside of marriage.  Eventually the Australian government negotiated for her release.

A 14 year old child in Bangladesh was raped by her own uncle.  She was sentenced to receive 101 lashes of the cane for seducing the uncle.  She collapsed after receiving 70 lashes, was taken to hospital where she died 3 days later.

The Islamic state of Iran, the nation that is hell bent on obtaining its own nuclear weapons and has frequently called for the total annihilation of the Jewish state of Israel, is happy toclaim that it does not have a problem with homosexuals.  This ‘choice of lifestyle’ as it is rightly accepted as in the UK, is contrary to the Qu’ran.  Iran deals with this ‘problem’ by hanging any gays it finds, although the preferred method of execution is by throwing the ‘offender’ off of a cliff.

Whilst there is no serious suggestion that Sharia law would be introduced into the UK in its extreme, at least for the time being, there are already over 20 Sharia courts established in England.  It must be remembered that the Holy Book of Islam, the Qu’ran calls on every ‘good’ Muslim to work towards Islam dominating the world.  From the bombing of the London Transport system to the burning of Poppies onRemembrance Day, the extremist arm of Islam is at war with this country. 

I have chosen the word ‘war’ very carefully and with much consideration, it is the only word to describe the situation that our country is in.  Our security services manage to stop attacks on the country almost every day.  Just occasionally they get it wrong andthe enemy get through with results such as the 7/7 attacks and the Glasgow airport attack, which incidentally was carried out by two Muslim doctors who had presumably signed the Hippocratic Oath.  The Swedish car bomber came from the Luton University and it is known that many young men from the Pakistani community travel to Pakistan each year to receive training for the Jihad.

Indeed, not only this country is being targeted but the whole of Western Civilization is under threat.  Train bombs in Spain, car bombs in Sweden and of course the infamous 9/11 attack in New York which brought so much ‘joy’ to Islamic communities across the world.   

The compliance by the British government to the demands of the European Court of Human Rights to allow the invasion of this country by one particular faction of immigrant has succeeded in placing much more than mere financial strain on the nation is much more than wrong – it is treachery.  Or it would be if Tony Blair had not done away with the Treason Act!

I am aware that the writing of these words will brand me as a ‘Racist’, a ‘Fascist’ and many other such insults, but the reality is that what I say can be checked.  A trawl through YouTube will provide many hours of worrying video’s to while away an evening or two.  What I say is the truth which can be checked – an unpleasant truth certainly – but words of truth definitely.  It is thecommon practise of the Left Wing to stifle all discussion with accusations of Racism.  It has generally worked well up until now, with people who have tried to raise the issue being bludgeoned with these accusations and even action from the establishment to try to quell all debate.  I would not be the first to be hauled from my home in handcuffs and incarcerated in the local police station for hours and even days, whilst my case was ‘investigated’.  But I have nothing to lose.  I do this because my grandchildren have everything to lose.

I am not alone, there are thousands more from every walk of life and every race and colour that are able to see what is being done to this country.  The English Defence League (EDL) for example, is a ‘grass roots’ movement that came to being after members of the Royal Anglian Regt were marching through the town of Luton in Bedfordshire, to the taunts and insults of ‘British soldiers rot in hell’ and ‘British soldiers are baby killers’.  The EDL may be a bit rough around the edges but they are the ones who have taken their protests to the streets.  They are against ‘Extremist’ Islam and the imposition of Sharia Law.  They are not against Muslims, just those who want to control the rest of us.  They have separate sections (or divisions) for Jewish members, Sikh members, Gay members; indeed their membership is open to anybody who wishes to join in their struggle.  For the life of me I am unable to understand how an organisation with such a broad spectrum of membership can be called ‘Racist’ or ‘Fascist’.  But that is just what they are called by the government backed Unite Against Fascist (UAF) and other Left Wing groups.

It really is about time that this situation was brought to a stop!  This country MUST be rescued from the clutches of the Left and its allies.  For nearly twenty years they have been overseeing the slow but steady destruction of our once great nation.  Today the United Kingdom is not only almost bankrupt thanks to the actions of politicians in which we had placed our trust but we are also a laughing stock on the world scene.

It was hoped that with the demise of New Labour that the situation would slowly change for the better but the truth is that we again have a government that is determined to sell the country out to foreign nations and a Prime Minister that is almost a clone of the last but one Prime Minister, a socialist who is determined to make his place in history using the same strategy as Blair by taking the country to war!

 And waiting quietly in the wings, waiting for it all to come crashing down, is a Labour Party that is far more to the left it would not be out of place in the old Kremlin.  Waiting to impose a form of Socialism on the UK that we have never, ever witnessed before.

 It is not just time to stop the rot and to throw out the old and welcome the new; it is time to save the country. 

The Phoenix is Rising

What can the Phoenix do about it?

  • A temporary and immediate stop to immigrationThis will allow an analysis to be made and enable an up-to-date ‘snapshot’ of the situation to be obtained.
  • The implementation of a points system for entering the country similar to that operated by Canada.
  • The incomer must have a job to come to.
  • He must have sufficient means to prove that he will be able to support his family without recourse to the Benefits system.
  • He must be able to speak English.
  • He (and his family) must be of good health (or have sufficient funds) to not have recourse to the National Health Service.
  • He must take out Private Health Insurance.
  • He must be willing to accept British traditions and way of life as the dominant and established system.
  • Immigrants must have an understanding of British history and customs.
  • Immigrants must Swear Allegiance to the Crown and to the State.

 With regard to existing immigrants:

  • All benefit payments will be withdrawn.  (A period of grace will be permitted to allow the immigrant time to find legal paid work or to arrange passage home).
  • Benefits will not be payable until 5 years worth of contributions to the NI scheme have been made.
  • Access to the NHS will be severely limited until 2 years worth of contributions to the NI scheme have been made.
  • Access to free translation services will be stopped with immediate effect.  It will be the immigrant’s responsibility to pay for such services.
  • Immigrants who obtain a criminal record will be deported.  This will apply to criminal activities committed here or abroad, past or new.
  • Legislation will be enacted to prevent the creation of ‘Ghetto’s’. 
  • Immigrants, who either enter or have entered the country illegally, will be detained until they can be deported.
  • Immigrants must be willing to accept British traditions and way of life as the dominant and established system.
  • Immigrants must have an understanding of British history and customs.
  • Immigrants must Swear Allegiance to the Crown and to the State.


you can do something for your country